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Iconic Truth: A Baby Is a Baby

By Judie Brown

In this age when the word iconic is so badly abused, we thought it might be refreshing to focus on the understated truth.

Iconic means that something or someone is “widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence,” so it must follow that the preborn child from inception fits that description perfectly. This is so because each child is created by God in His image and likeness, is unique in every way, and can never be repeated. Therefore, even the very idea of procreating or creating a preborn child makes that child and every other one like him iconic.

A baby is a baby, and Planned Parenthood is in denial about that fundamental fact.

Planned Parenthood is infiltrating our country, waving its flag of death, and arguing at every turn that any action that gets in the way of its abortion business is a threat to it in some way. The organization’s main focus is on changing state laws through the courts or through lawmakers—whichever is easiest. We can offer several examples of this.

In Missouri, for instance, “Several members of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen have been pushing for an ‘8 foot’ buffer for Planned Parenthood in the city, claiming that pro-life demonstrators have been harassing and blocking the entrance.” Though the pro-life community works to protect mothers and their preborn children from death by abortion, it seems that at least some St. Louis aldermen find the abortion business acceptable enough to put roadblocks between those mothers and the people who will really save them and their babies.

In Vermont, Planned Parenthood is lobbying the legislature for passage of a bill that would require changes in insurance coverage. Planned Parenthood is doing this because “the FDA is expected to approve the birth control pill for over the counter use soon. This bill is needed because FDA approval would result in women potentially losing access to their preferred method of birth control.” Here again, Planned Parenthood is selling a half-truth because the birth control pill can cause an early abortion and is therefore just another tool in its bag of death.

In Kansas, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the state cannot cut funding from Planned Parenthood. The bone of contention is that the case involved the credibility of the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress that expose the disgusting baby body parts marketing practices that Planned Parenthood is involved in all over the country. We do not expect this court decision to be the final word since the facts have yet to come out.

After all, the CMP videos tell the truth; Planned Parenthood does not.

In Louisiana, “Planned Parenthood wants a federal judge to force Louisiana‘s health department to issue an abortion license for its clinic in New Orleans, saying in a lawsuit filed Friday that Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration has put up unconstitutional roadblocks to licensure.” The Planned Parenthood clinic in New Orleans would be the first to actually have abortions on site, and, according to Planned Parenthood, not allowing these deadly practices to occur is nothing more than politicians “imposing their personal beliefs” on others.

Point made!

Planned Parenthood is actually the antithesis of parenthood. It is the enemy of the preborn and spends millions upon millions of dollars weaponizing pregnancy.

This all must come to an end, and only we can cause that to occur.

So here is what we recommend:

Study Planned Parenthood and know our enemy by becoming part of the Stop Planned Parenthood International e-mail list, thus receiving the Wednesday STOPP Report and action alerts.

Learn the facts about abortion.

Get involved with the activism led by 40 Days for Life, the Red Rose Rescue, and other activism efforts.

Teach your children from kindergarten onward the iconic truth that a baby is a baby, no matter how small.

Only when we take action and change hearts and minds will we save lives and souls.