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Detesting God Is the New Normal

Some call it anarchy, which, according to Webster’s, is the absence of order.

In our current times, anarchy has become the new normal among those who detest God. In their worldview, the natural law, including respect for the dignity of the human person, is an intolerable inconvenience.

Another way of explaining this is to quote the 1993 St. John Paul II memorable Splendor of Truth (#88) “The attempt to set freedom in opposition to truth, and indeed to separate them radically, is the consequence, manifestation and consummation of another more serious and destructive dichotomy, that which separates faith from morality.” 

Separating faith from morality has consequences. And as we will see, the emergence of slavery to falsehood and error is the expected result. Let’s see how the media treats this new idolatry.

When Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he was retiring from the bench, MSBNC’s pro-abortion Rachel Maddow claimed that Kennedy’s votes on various abortion cases are “probably the reason we have abortion rights in this country, and I think within a year, abortion will be illegal in half of the United States.” The New York Times was equally as apoplectic, writing that a Trump Supreme Court replacement for Kennedy could signal  “the prospect of overturning Roe v.Wade, as well as gay rights, voting rights and the rights of workers.”

One would think Justice Kennedy’s retirement from the bench signaled Armageddon or worse!

The media has been equally as frantic in its outrage over the Supreme Court ruling in favor of pro-life pregnancy centers in the state of California. The harbingers of gloom and doom have proclaimed again and again that such centers are “fake clinics.” This inane claim is based on the fact that pro-life pregnancy care centers refuse to refer for abortion, which makes perfect sense to the sane person but not to the drama queens in the media and on the far left.

One pro-abortion die-hard quoted in Teen Vogue said, “With today’s ruling, our country’s highest court has clearly stated that lying to patients is an acceptable health care practice.”

In other words, killing is good health care; saving the baby is deceptive.

Finally, there is the Arizona Walgreen’s pharmacist, Brian Hreniuc. Hreniuc exercised his conscience rights by refusing to fill a prescription for an abortion drug. While Walgreens stood by the pharmacist, pointing out that company policy protects the conscience rights of its pharmacists, that did not stop the frantic media.

Hreniuc and Walgreen’s have been verbally denounced, including one commentary recommending that God be removed from the workplace! He wrote, “No one should be insulted or even inconvenienced trying to fill a legitimate prescription. I wonder how that Arizona pharmacist would have felt if a female druggist had questioned or even ridiculed his trying to fill a prescription for Viagra. What if she had said it went against her Earth Goddess beliefs?”

If this sounds nonsensical to you, remember that this is the way anarchy works. What is right and good is out, and what replaces it is evil.

God is the enemy, and these people will stoop to any level to make the point that God is out and secular humanism is in. Period!  If you don’t like it, find another country!

So here we are in the midst of all this claptrap, and I suggest we remember these profound words of St. John Paul II and move forward: “Furthermore, what must be done in any given situation depends on the circumstances, not all of which can be foreseen; on the other hand there are kinds of behavior which can never, in any situation, be a proper response—a response which is in conformity with the dignity of the person. Finally, it is always possible that man, as the result of coercion or other circumstances, can be hindered from doing certain good actions; but he can never be hindered from not doing certain actions, especially if he is prepared to die rather than to do evil.”

The new normal, anarchy by name, requires eradication of religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and, sadly, freedom to teach truth and challenge the status quo.

We must resist this arrogance at all costs and never be deterred or cowed into silence. We must be prepared to die rather than do evil or succumb to its influence on our fellow human beings, especially our children!