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Blurring Right and Wrong

By Judie Brown

Aristotle once wrote, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Indeed, those words reflect the commonsense attitude of someone who has learned the difference between good and evil and who proceeds to act on it rather than resort to the popular theory that if something feels right to you it is acceptable, regardless of whether it is actually right or wrong. This is how criminals such as bank robbers and abortionists behave.

We wonder how Aristotle would respond to those who suggest that the difference between right and wrong is a matter of opinion. We see this sort of opaque reasoning everywhere, including in the practice of medicine.

For instance, we see it as we witness a birth dearth. And, given this headline, this dearth seems to be attributed to a political situation: “U. S. Birth, Fertility Rates Plummet to Historic Lows, Lowest in Blue States.”

While it is hard to believe that bearing children is associated with Republicans versus Democrats, or liberals versus conservatives, the very idea that someone would make this case needs to be examined. It used to be that families were celebrated and that bearing children was a goal, but nowadays even the word family has a different connotation.

The federal government, for example, defines a family as “a group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, or adoption who live together; all such related persons are considered as members of one family.”

In years gone by, we would have expected a description of a family to include mother, father, and children, but apparently such a basic definition is no longer considered accurate.

Modern trends are clearly more about secular ideas and less about truth. This is one of the reasons why there is so much confusion about the basic concepts of gender and where babies come from.  

It is difficult to comprehend how the misimpression occurred that brought us to a place where the difference between right and wrong has become a matter of opinion rather than a truth that can guide us in our daily lives. Is it any wonder our children and grandchildren seem content to get their education on family life from the bent, twisted images seen on a television or depicted in a movie?

These twisted images are also seen in embryo factories, called in vitro fertilization labs, where mistakes are made and where eugenics involving the direct killing of embryonic babies is practiced. In addition, and perhaps most horrifying, in these places some who deny the humanity of preborn children have made the strange argument that human embryos “aren’t human” and “aren’t alive” or they wouldn’t be able to be cryopreserved during the IVF process.

Tragic reports like this defy logic and underscore the fact that embryos are, indeed, alive when frozen in fertility clinics—and often, they die. If this were not so, no one would care a whit about the fate of their frozen embryos. Whether society admits it or not, the truth is in the language used and the facts present in human embryology.

The current culture is steeped in death, including the annihilation of perfectly formed children who are murdered in the womb under cover of law.

When the blurring of such truths becomes this severe, why is anyone raising an eyebrow about state laws that, according to the Biden administration, place employers in the position of being forced to facilitate abortions among their employees?

According to an NPR article, “The law says employers should make ‘reasonable accommodations’ for pregnant workers during and after ‘pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.’ The new rule EEOC put out to implement the law includes abortion in a lengthy list of ‘related medical conditions,’ along with everything from ectopic pregnancy to anxiety to varicose veins.”

The blurring of right and wrong thickens as the evil underlying such policies becomes deeply ingrained among lawmakers and in people in positions of power throughout our nation at the local, state, and national levels.

We now stand on the edge of a cliff, a tipping point where immorality is gnawing at the core of man’s innate sense of justice and at our ability to embrace and affirm human beings as individual gifts from God. We fight against this evil, consistent in our awareness that right and wrong can never be blurred or erased.