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Battling the Abortion Pill

By Judie Brown

There is more than one abortion pill, a fact that is not often acknowledged by the mainstream media. When you see a headline addressing “the abortion pill,” don’t be misled. Such stories talk about one chemical: mifepristone. This drug works to end the life of a preborn child at any point during her first 70 days of life. But according to the federal Food and Drug Administration, it does this only when it is ingested with misoprostol, the other half of the abortion cocktail.

However, according to at least one medical journal article, misoprostol taken by itself will also produce a dead child if the pill is taken prior to 10 weeks gestation.

This method of taking the life of a preborn child during her first days of life could justifiably be called a chemical assault weapon because its primary use is to end the life of an existing human being. But in our cultural milieu where babies are viewed as menacing growths, any “treatment” that rids the mother of that child is, according to death peddlers, well worth ingesting.

The truth about the reason behind the very idea of using one of these weapons of mass destruction does not require a genius to explain. The simple truth is that females who use these drugs are already suspicious of being pregnant because they have either had sexual encounters before marriage or have decided that they do not wish to bear any more children within marriage.

If this deadly truth were not so, why would anyone purchase these pills? Case closed!

In response to this anti-child mentality, our best argument is the reality of who is dying during one of these deadly chemical salvos. Yes, that is the right word, for just as firing a weapon at an intruder is done with the express purpose of rendering the unwelcome guest dead, so too these pills work in the same way. This is so because the baby in question is unwanted.

Any other crime of this nature would be prosecuted, but in the case of sex without consequences, the baby has to die. And thus the reason for our battle against these pills, not to mention the surgical practices that kill these children later in their lives but prior to birth.

No human being deserves to be intentionally killed, and that includes those who have not yet been born. In a morally sane society, that would be a foregone conclusion, but in today’s rush to hell, this is definitely not among the choices far too many sexually engaged men and women want to address.

And as history has taught us, where there is no accountability for one’s action, chaos and death ensue.

Tragic but true! Thus, we are left to engage in a battle to defend these babies where callous disregard for innocent human life is our enemy. But fight we must, armed with the shield of prayer, the spear of love, and the words of truth. The precious babies who will die if not for our work call us to stand in the breach (Ez. 22:30).

Never think that you are not making a difference. Always remember these simple words: “God has not called me to success, but to faithfulness.