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America’s Bloodthirsty Spirit

By Judie Brown

Living in a culture where the act of killing innocent people prior to birth is protected by law definitely has consequences. But not all of them are of a kind you might think about for very long.

Slate—the infamously pro-abortion website—delves into the facts about aborting innocent babies but never draws a line between abortion and other crimes that could well be the result of a societal escalation of disregard for the most innocent in our midst.

For example, what about the case of the Perry High School shooting in Iowa? Ahmir Jolliff was one of the victims—and the only victim who died. During the same deadly spree, seven other people were injured. Given the fact that 82 such violent events occurred in 2023, it might be time to ask a few searing questions about why children are perpetrating such deadly acts.

A Slate report on a 2024 Arkansas ballot measure focuses on the quandary confronted by those who want to undo the effects of the Dobbs decision but are finding such activity complicated. It states: “The proposal would offer less protection than Americans had before Roe v. Wade was overturned, because it would codify abortion only through 18 weeks of pregnancy, with limited exceptions. The previous standard had been about 24 weeks.”

The website then opined, “So this proposal out of Arkansas—which would enshrine weaker rights than the ones lost in 2022came as a big surprise and, to some working in the movement, it was a cowardly choice. It was better than what Arkansas residents had at the moment, sure. But was endorsing it its own kind of defeat?”

According to abortion proponents, abortion should be unfettered and we should pass no law that abates it in any way. Though the website does not specifically state that, its desire is to achieve more killing and more abortion in every state, not less.

We can define this as bloodthirsty hysteria, but Slate is not alone.

ABC News recently discussed the availability of abortion during an episode of On The Brink. Diane Sawyer and Rachel Scott spoke to women affected by the Texas abortion law. Discussing women in Texas who were diagnosed with high-risk pregnancy, the report states, “Some of the women told Scott and Sawyer that because of the law—which also penalizes doctors and hospitals—they were told to go home, and wait until they were sick enough to qualify for care under Texas law.”

To be clear, the Texas law states that “a physician may not knowingly perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman unless the physician has determined, in accordance with this section, whether the woman’s unborn child has a detectable fetal heartbeat.”

This is but one example. We have also heard and read about supporters of abortion physically attacking pro-life Americans. Such individuals get a slap on the wrist, at best.

Living in a land where the media, teachers, and other authority figures expound on the rightness of aborting preborn children has the undesirable effect of creating callous attitudes among the young. It seems that when it comes to the value of a single human being, despising such a person is not at all troublesome to far too many.

Young people learn from the actions rather than the words their parents, friends, media, and educators communicate. The lesson they learn is that violence—including the killing of preborn babies—is of little concern to many of those who set examples for them.

Just like the swift-moving current of rapids in a river, it does not take long for children to be swept up by the bloodthirsty among us who leave the impression that ignoring the slaughter of human beings is the norm.