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A Dogma of Absolute Dissolution

Crises abound in the world today whether they are in the streets of London, the hallways of Congress, or the state capitals that house men and women hell-bent on dictating behavioral norms for all of us. The characteristics of these various calamities all seem to have a common characteristic—the wholesale redefining of moral and ethical behavior.

We can start with California’s former Planned Parenthood executive director, Norman Fleishman. In a recent editorial praising the Obama administration’s latest requirement that birth control be covered under national health care without a co-pay, he opined, “Unless we act (this legislation, along with China’s ‘one child’ policy, is a start), the world is doomed to strangle among coils of pitiless exponential growth.”

While the Washington Examiner dubbed Fleishman a “dim bulb,” it would be silly not to take the man seriously. The entire goal of Planned Parenthood’s worldwide empire has always been to impose its agenda on the unsuspecting for the express purpose of weeding out poverty by ending the lives of the children of the poor before these individuals are born. Any means necessary has been the motto for years.

In addition, we witness the incredible arrogance of policy makers in New York City and the state of California.

New York City’s mandate regarding sex education is an abysmal insult to any and all children who will be subjected to it. As Peter Meyer opined, “What is it about sex? For some reason schools chancellor Dennis Walcott feels ‘a responsibility’ to impose sex education, as he tells the Times. So, why doesn’t he feel the same responsibility about literature, mathematics, geography, art, music, science?”

The Times reports, “Parents will be able to have their children opt out of the lessons on birth-control methods. City officials said that while there would be frank discussions with students as young as 11 on topics like anatomy, puberty, pregnancy, and the risks of unprotected sex, the focus was to get students to wait until they were older to experiment. At the same time, knowing that many teenagers are sexually active, the administration wants to teach them about safe sex in the hopes of reducing pregnancy, disease, and dropouts.” Anyone who believes those words should apply to purchase a bridge in Brooklyn.

But New York City is not alone. In California, the state legislature has set the stage to ignore parental authority by legislative fiat—via AB 499. Again, the subject is sexuality, and the reason for parental permission bypass is a vaccine alleged to protect the young from the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus!

Gardasil, the vaccine in question, has serious side effects that were pointed out two years ago by Dr. Diane Harper, one of the researchers who helped design and carry out clinical trials on the vaccine. She warned that parents should be advised about possible side effects. Furthermore, Harper indicated that the vaccine may not last any longer than five years. The giving of this vaccine requires parental involvement which, if AB 499 passes, will be denied. This is why pro-life activists are asking for help opposing this proposal. Regarding AB 499, Paul Rondeau, American Life League’s director of communications, stated, “Sexual zealots in California politics believe that 12-year-old boys and girls are sexual animals that have no need or ability to control their own behavior. . . . The premise is that children will and should have sex regardless of what parents believe is best for their own sons and daughters.”

Yes, that is the problem. We have arrived at a place in society where the government is more interested in sexualizing children than in defending the family and parental authority. The moral and ethical norms once taken for granted in this nation have been dissolved. The deprogrammers are succeeding in deconstructing all that was once held sacred.

Big Brother is in the building.