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2016: Ringing in a Culture-of-Life New Year

Funny how an entire year can pass so quickly with significant pro-life milestones contained therein and yet the culture goes on as if nothing has changed. But plenty has changed, and looking ahead gives us reason for hope.

There is now documented proof—regardless of denials to the contrary—that Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts to those who want to experiment using human tissue. Planned Parenthood admitted as much when it announced that it would no longer accept payment for “the costs of providing the tissue for medical research.”

As if this were not bad enough, Planned Parenthood continually breaks state laws. Investigators in Ohio found that three PP abortion facilities were using a contractor to dump bodies of aborted babies in landfills. Ohio officials explained that this was against state regulations. According to an Associated Press news story, “Planned Parenthood calls the report ‘inflammatory.’ The group says its three facilities that provide abortions follow Ohio law and use the same practices as hospitals and other providers, which generally contract with companies to dispose of medical waste.”

In addition, earlier in the year, inspectors in the state of Florida found Planned Parenthood facilities illegally doing second trimester abortions.

Obviously, Planned Parenthood has no regard for the truth, the law, or human dignity. For all these reasons 2016 will be an amazing year of efforts and accomplishments. We will step up our efforts to teach grassroots America how to battle Planned Parenthood by using “Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary” prayer gatherings in front of Planned Parenthood facilities. In addition, we will continue building on the momentum we are facilitating in California by encouraging local leaders across the nation to learn how to effectively rid their neighborhood of the Planned Parenthood threat to mothers, fathers, and their children—born and preborn. And we won’t stop there. In 2016, American Life League will increase our efforts to spread the gospel of life through our much applauded Culture of Life Studies Program, designed to help teachers and homeschooling parents teach the principles enunciated so beautifully by Saint John Paul II in his encyclical The Gospel of Life.

In that document, the Holy Father reminded us that teachers are “responsible for catechesis and the formation of consciences.” Further, he proclaimed: “In raising children Christian parents must be concerned about their children’s faith and help them to fulfil the vocation God has given them.” American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program provides concrete tools for educators and parents to fulfill the mission of their vocation in this regard.

Through this program we have the opportunity to be servants to teachers by helping them impart a love for the dignity of the human person that surpasses the angst existing in our world today as too many people grapple with the simple questions of what it means to be a child of God, loved and cherished by the Author of Life.

As the CLSP’s efforts spread through homeschooling and classroom teaching, the influence Planned Parenthood’s drivel has had on the culture will wither and die away. Truth always sheds light on the darkness. Truth is our tool in building the culture of life.

These are just some of the opportunities American Life League cannot wait to pursue in 2016.

Happy New Year to you and yours! Be a builder of the culture of life in 2016!

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