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Why Is Margaret Sanger Still Relevant Today?

By Mary Kizior

The Planned Parenthood Federation of today traces its roots back to Margaret Sanger’s first birth control clinic which she opened in Brooklyn in 1916. This October, PPFA will celebrate its 100th anniversary of pushing its agenda on women in need.

A lot has happened in 100 years. When Margaret Sanger first opened her birth control clinics, it was illegal to even distribute information about contraceptives, let alone talk to women about how to obtain an abortion. Today, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. It not only provides various forms of birth control, including chemicals that abort the preborn, and medical and surgical abortion, but it also provides sex education/instruction in public schools across the country, encouraging sex education for kids as young as preschool and kindergarten.

If Sanger started her work over 100 years ago, why is it important that we look at her ideas today?

Planned Parenthood still honors Sanger

With Sanger’s racist plans and eugenic goals, you would think Planned Parenthood would hide her with the other horrible skeletons in history’s closet. Surprisingly, despite what Planned Parenthood says about Margaret Sanger’s “outmoded” ideas, it praises her as a 20th century hero. Planned Parenthood celebrates her life with the Margaret Sanger Award and the Maggie Awards for journalists and artists who spread the culture of death in media. Politicians and celebrities rave about her courage and tenacity.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only one who holds Sanger in great esteem. Our very own Smithsonian proudly displays her statue alongside real American heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

Have we lost our minds?

Margaret Sanger not only believed that 85 percent of the US population was morons and criminals unfit to have children, but she practiced what she believed. We’re talking about a woman so racist that she initiated the Negro Project, an effort to sterilize, segregate, or remove “undesirable” African Americans from society. Sanger believed in taxpayer funded sterilization for persons she considered “unfit” to be parents.

Planned Parenthood still carries on Margaret Sanger’s efforts to bring birth control and abortion to poor, marginalized women. It has wormed its way into our schools, encouraging sexual promiscuity in our children through its explicit sex ed programs. Today, Planned Parenthood is not only known as the largest abortion provider in the United States, but also as a lead trafficker of baby body parts.

With politicians and angry women shouting about a constitutional right to abortion and contraception, we clearly are not doing enough to expose Planned Parenthood. We need to educate the public on its real agenda and how Margaret Sanger’s evil ideas still affect us today through her organization, Planned Parenthood.

Students learn from history’s mistakes

Sanger’s idea that some people have greater value than others or that a human being’s life can be cheaply bought drives the whole abortion industry (not to mention the so-called right-to-die movement). With the debate about taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood still raging, Americans deserve to know the truth about the eugenic, racist roots of Planned Parenthood and the diabolic agenda of abortion.

This fall, American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program will release our groundbreaking new study on the life of Margaret Sanger for high school students. With the Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? video series and study guide, students explore the ideology of Planned Parenthood’s founder and understand the underlying agenda of the culture of death.

Right now we’re in the midst of an intense Kickstarter fundraising campaign to gain funds to be able to produce the Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? instructor guide and DVD package in time for the fall semester. We need to raise $4,700 by July 19 in order to get this important study into the hands of teachers and parents this fall.

Exceeding our fundraising goal will enable us to produce a two-hour seminar version so we can introduce this important series to churches, pro-life clubs, and communities across the nation.

Visit our Kickstarter page to learn how you can be a part of this important work!

Mary Kizior is a content developer for American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program, which stresses the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline. CLSP is dedicated to helping students become effective communicators of the pro-life message. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter to see how we can help you foster a culture of life at home and in school.