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There Is Still Time: Reversing the Abortion Pill

By Jeff Syblik

“I felt like I did the wrong thing,” Ashley said. “Is there any way I can take this back? . . . I just killed my baby.”

A 2021 high school graduate and a self-described “party animal,” Ashley of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, talked in a video about the deep regrets she felt following her decision to take the abortion pill.1

Shocked, I watched her testimony. According to Ashley, almost immediately after taking the first pill of the two-pill regimen, she regretted her decision. She went home and searched the Internet for ways to possibly reverse what she had done. It was, as she said, “mission impossible.” She even called the doctors who gave her the abortion pill and asked about a reversal. They told her, “No, the progesterone is gone.”

“I [was] freaking out,” Ashley explained. “I was on Google, and I saw a hotline, and I called it. I put my zip code in, and then Jodi got back to me the very next morning.”  

Ashley had phoned Women’s Choice Network, which works with Heartbeat International—the organization that launched for mothers in Ashley’s situation. 

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