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The Pill Kills Truth: How You Can Make a Huge Impact with Just a Little Planning and Effort

Sunday, June 7, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s dreadful Griswold decision that decriminalized contraception throughout the United States. In doing so, the Court claimed to find the right to privacy in sexual matters in the penumbra (shadows) of the U.S. Constitution. As I wrote in 2012:

Griswold was step one in an earthshaking, family-shattering, epic battle that pits women against their children, spouses against God and one another, and opens the door for men to treat women as nothing more than objects to be used for sexual gratification.

Only eight years after the Griswold decision came Roe v. Wade, declaring the killing of innocent babies by abortion . . . a right. In invalidating laws prohibiting abortion, Roe cited the same right to privacy that was found lurking in those dark shadows of the Constitution and proclaimed by the Supreme Court in Griswold.

In 2003, Lawrence v. Texas relied on Griswold’s right to privacy in striking down sodomy laws. At that time, homosexual activities were viewed as anathema. Following Lawrence and the extension of the right to privacy over such acts, homosexuality is now glorified and same-sex marriage is being legalized, state by state, while heterosexual marriage is quickly becoming an institution of the past.

Each year, American Life League orchestrates the voice of opposition to the outrageous Griswold decision by holding a day of action on the Saturday closest to the anniversary date. This year it will be on Saturday, June 6.

The theme for this year’s campaign is The Pill Kills Truth.

Here are three simple things that you can do that can make a huge impact in your community:

1. Plan a local day of action. To learn more about how The Pill Kills Truth, visit our website. To plan your local event, click here. Remember, a local event can be as simple as taking The Pill Kills signs to Planned Parenthood. You can make your own signs or take advantage of our special organizing offer to get long-lasting, professionally printed signs.

Please let us know you plan to participate and/or cosponsor the Day of Action by filling out this simple form. Questions? E-mail
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2. Sign on as a cosponsoring group. Join groups from all across the nation to cosponsor the National Day of Action. Fill out this form to become a cosponsor. It takes less than five minutes.

Cost: It’s free to cosponsor the National Day of Action!

Benefits: You will receive free national media exposure for your group and a great opportunity to attract free local media attention. Once the media identifies you as someone who will speak out intelligently against the pill, they will likely call you for comment on future stories.

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Planned Parenthood and cohorts will flood newspapers and talk shows with lies and adulation of the pill as the 50th anniversary of the Griswold decision approaches. Our talking points flyer provides lots of documented evidence about the lies that surround the pill and is a great springboard for letters to the editor.

You do not have to hold a local Day of Action to become a cosponsor for the National Day of Action, but we hope you will. This is hometown, grassroots activism at its best. Holding a National Day of Action is how we educate and develop local resistance to the agenda of Planned Parenthood and its cohorts.

Together we can change the dialogue and change the world. It is time to make it happen. Sign up today at! The National Day of Action is only 23 days away. Let’s roll!

Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International.