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Stories to Inspire: Max for Life

By Mary Kizior

Do you remember the first time you understood what abortion really does to women and babies? Do you remember when you decided to do something to save them?

Meet Max, the 10-year-old Texan who has been working to defend mothers and preborn babies for six years.


When Max was five years old, he was praying outside an abortion clinic with his family when he asked his mom about abortion. When he learned that over a million babies die every year because of Planned Parenthood, he knew he had to do more.

For the past four years, Max has participated in the Houston Coalition for Life’s Walk for Life to help raise money for a local pregnancy resource center. Last year, Max raised over $12,000.

This year, he wants to raise $16,000 so that the center can continue ministering to mothers just outside the nation’s largest Planned Parenthood via “the Big Blue Bus”—a mobile ultrasound and care unit. Ninety percent of women who receive help from the Big Blue Bus choose life for their babies.

It’s an ambitious goal, but with much thought and prayer, Max believes he can make it with the financial support and prayers of people like you.

With encouragement and support from his parents, Max is making a difference in the lives of mothers and babies.

Max is the future of the pro-life movement. He is doing exactly what kids in the culture of life should be doing—supporting moms and babies. “It’s very important because kids make a special impact especially when they go and pray at the abortion clinic,” Max says. “I think maybe kids remind everyone of the innocent lives being killed.”

Not only is Max making other people aware of the gravity of abortion, he’s working to change society. To other kids who want to be involved in standing up for others, Max says, “It’s a great feeling to be part of saving lives. Be courageous.”

When we see the horrors of violence and abuse in our society that continue despite our efforts, it’s easy for pro-lifers to get discouraged. As Max’s story reminds all of us, no good deed—no matter how big or how small—is wasted. “Never give up,” Max says. “The extra prayer or extra hour you spend on the sidewalk could be what saves a life.”

Help Max reach his goal! As of this writing, he is only 31 percent funded with just 47 days left in his campaign. Support Max at, then share on social media with your family and friends.

Mary Kizior is a content developer for American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program, which stresses the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline. CLSP is dedicated to helping students become effective communicators of the pro-life message. Not only do students in our program read medieval epic poems, or learn about the dangers of euthanasia, they also understand how to use their knowledge to build a culture of life in their own communities. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter to see how we can help you foster a culture of life at home and in school.