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REVIEW: Blessed Carlo Acutis

By Jake Ciancio

Blessed Carlo Acutis is an amazingly written book that details the life of a young man named Carlo Acutis, who was beatified in 2020. Author Sabrina Arena Ferrisi begins the book by laying out a step-by-step plan of how and why the Catholic Church investigates who is in heaven. Ferrisi continues by showing what made the Church decide to start investigating Carlo’s life. 

The book is split into 15 chapters that cover things like Carlo’s life on earth, his devotion to God and the Eucharist, and the sudden illness that led to his death at age 15. In addition, each chapter has different sections that talk about a specific part of Carlo’s life, including his passion for computer programming and how he would use computers to spread the Catholic faith. 

At age 11, Carlo began a project that combined his two loves in life: the Eucharist and computers. Carlo loved the Eucharist so much that he decided to research all the Eucharistic miracles around the world throughout history. He used his knowledge and expertise of computer programming to create a website about these Eucharistic miracles. He spent four years working on his website, and it has now been translated into 17 languages. It also became a traveling exhibit, which was able to journey to 10,000 parishes and five continents after Carlo died. 

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