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Pro-Life Education at Home

By CLSP Team

This current youth generation is the most pro-life any generation has been since Roe v. Wade, but we can’t expect them to build a culture of life unless we show them how. Our children won’t learn that every human being has dignity simply by observing the people around them.

Where do we start?

Building a culture of life starts with purposeful pro-life education where children can learn about complex pro-life issues in a safe environment. Not everyone has the resources or talents to be a lobbyist or work as a sidewalk counselor, but everyone has the ability to teach someone else why we need to protect preborn babies and stand up for elderly or disabled persons.

Building a culture of life is a job not just for the lobbyists, lawyers, sidewalk counselors, or obstetricians; parents also play a large role in bringing up the next pro-life leaders.

And, now, pro-life education has never been easier! For the duration of our lockdown, CLSP is offering all of our downloadable materials FREE. Simply visit our store, browse through the lessons we offer, download, and print. It’s that simple!

As parents, you are the primary educators of your children, so your children’s pro-life education rests on your shoulders. You don’t have to be a certified teacher to teach the culture of life at home.

Now that all of our children are home, we have the perfect opportunity to integrate pro-life education into our daily routines.

Taking control of your children’s education can be a daunting task, especially if you are not normally a homeschooling parent. That’s where the Culture of Life Studies Program is here to help.

We provide parents and teachers with tools to help them teach the culture of life to their students. We offer instructor guides with all of the lecture material, discussion questions (and answers!), and assessment materials to help you present complex topics like euthanasia and sacramental marriage to your children.

We write each of our supplements with the guidance of pro-life experts and professionals so that your kids are getting the best pro-life education possible.

However, you don’t have to organize an official class with your children to teach them about the culture of life. They can learn about it reading their favorite books or during family movie night.

On our website, we have a growing database of book and movie discussion guides that point out the culture of life in popular fiction to get your children to really think about pro-life themes. Teaching the culture of life isn’t difficult when you have all these materials at your fingertips.

Education inspires action

If we say we want to build respect for every human being, we have to show our children how. Learning to treat others with compassion takes practice. As a family, do spiritual and corporal works of mercy together throughout the year. Have your child write an essay for our pro-life essay contest. This is a great way to teach him to articulate his beliefs!

Encourage your children to play with the little girl who seems different or to stand up for the boy who is constantly teased. Show your children how to act and how to speak about people with disabilities by being a living witness to the gospel of life yourself.

Our children are our future. Learning to respect the dignity of every human being is more than just a one-semester class or certification. Pro-life education needs to be a part of every child’s everyday experiences, in school and at home.

We say we want to end abortion, but what are we doing to educate our young people so that we can?

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