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PRO-LIFE BASICS: How Can I Help People Understand the Ravages of Abortion?

By Judie Brown

If we recall the scene of Christ being scourged at the pillar prior to His crucifixion, we can readily relate to the horror of the agony suffered by a preborn child who is being aborted, regardless of the manner in which it is done. When a chemical, medical, or surgical act of killing the baby is employed, nobody knows the agony experienced by the child who is being assaulted and dies. Even so, this cruelty against the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters in Christ is not only protected by law, it is perpetuated by evildoers at every level of our society.

As we move into summer, it is important for us to think about this because there are literally millions of little children who will never enjoy a picnic, a swim in a pool, or vacation time with their parents. This is so because they are dead. Each of them has been brutally murdered.

Not only have they been eliminated from our sight in the cruelest of legal acts, but that same act once legitimized has dulled the consciences of many. And as we learned years ago, killing a conscience does not require much. In fact, according to Rev. Philip E. Dion, CM, killing a conscience requires these seven steps:

1. Giving in to temptation
2. Committing the sin in your heart
3. Choosing the means to do it publicly
4. Committing the act publicly
5. Repeating the sin
6. Consciously deciding that what you have done is acceptable
7. Adopting the act as a habitual part of your behavior

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