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Mark Hart: Sharing the Joys of Catholicism with Today’s Teens

By Susan Ciancio

If you’re going to live as a Catholic in today’s world, you better be comfortable with being uncomfortable. — Mark Hart, chief innovation officer of Life Teen

I recently had the privilege of conversing with Mark Hart about his role at Life Teen, about the journey that led him to work with young people, and even about his radio endeavors with The Catholic Guy, Lino Rulli. What struck me most about Mark was his joy and the way in which he expressed that joy. Talking with him about his love for Catholicism and his passion for sharing that love with teens, I couldn’t help but join in his enthusiasm.

And after poring through some of Life Teen’s materials, I became even more excited, as it is truly an impressive program for Catholic youth.

Who is Mark Hart?

Mark grew up in a loving Catholic family. He attended Catholic schools but grew a bit distant from the faith as he entered his teen years. When Mark was 16, a youth minister challenged him to think about some “big questions” such as Is there a God? and Why are you here? This youth minister introduced him to the works of St. John Paul II, whose writings encouraged Mark to take his faith more seriously. He says that he especially loved the Theology of the Body series, as it helped convert his heart and taught him the true meaning of human dignity.

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