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‘Life Is Precious School Edition’ Released

Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received from all of our homeschool parents who have purchased our Life Is Precious homeschool edition unit study, we are pleased to release an edition of Life Is Precious for schools and traditional classrooms.

Why a new edition?

We realized that Life Is Precious has the potential to engender sensitive conversations about the very beginning of human beings. Because of this, we understand that some of those conversations would be more comfortable for children in the context of the home, where parents can talk to them at their own pace.

Parents know their children and their children’s needs, and they are best equipped to answer their children’s probing questions when they know their child is ready.

For a teacher, it can be hard to lavish such attention on each individual student in a classroom.

Even though we have made this change, the original Life Is Precious remains completely appropriate for classroom use. Many schools have purchased the first edition for their classrooms and their students love it! Most lessons include specific instructions on how to handle sensitive questions as they arise so that a teacher is never left wondering what to say.

What’s new?

The major difference between both editions is the first unit on fetal development. Instead of Angel in the Waters, the school edition uses The Baby Sister by Tomie dePaola to teach children about a preborn baby’s development in her mother’s womb.

The school edition also breaks down the extensive craft project on fetal development into more manageable portions for an entire class to complete in a short amount of time. While the school edition uses fewer stages of fetal development to illustrate life in the womb, children are still exposed to the “wow” moments of a human being’s growth in his mother’s womb.

Through the other units in Life Is Precious, children still learn about the importance of standing up for others, the uniqueness of each human person, and how to defend all human beings.

The Life Is Precious School Edition Package

This revised edition still includes a copy of ALL’s Baby Steps DVD, as well as a 12-week fetal model to show students the beauty of the preborn baby’s life inside his mother’s womb. Schools and teachers only need to purchase one copy of Life Is Precious School Edition for each classroom. Each copy includes a CD-ROM with all of the handouts, coloring pages, and take-home sheets needed to complete this unit study.

If we want to build a culture of life in our world, we need to start by educating our youth on the sacredness and value of all human beings—from creation until death! Once young children grasp and understand that the preborn baby in his mother’s womb is a person, they will hold on to that truth their entire lives.

Visit to order your copy and start building a culture of life in your school and community.

Are you a concerned parent or teacher? Do you want to bring Life Is Precious School Edition to a school near you? We can help. Contact us at to see how you can spread the culture of life in your community.