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Lies, Lies, Lies

By Hugh R. Brown

Popular culture in America has no bottom. It simply sinks without relent lower and lower into corruption and sin. I call it the mudslide. It continues to grow and engulf everything in its path and it operates with the assumption you cannot oppose it. Sin is celebrated as diversity. Disorder is embraced as advancement. The latest news from the mudslide is Bruce Jenner claiming he is really a woman. Who knew! Bruce and his self-described evolution are being called progress. It’s progressive, it’s open-minded, it’s moving forward. The popular media loves it. Let’s be clear; it’s nuts. He is not a woman. Some people have a desperate need for attention. Exposing his family to a reality show, having his daughters objectified, and setting a horrible moral example for other young women while he sits by and allows it is unforgivable. He is man and a father first. He has failed in that regard. He is the head of his household and his first and greatest responsibility is the souls of his children. He is terribly, terribly lost.

It is also an insult to women for a man to claim he is one. Bruce has the chromosomes, he has the biology, and he is a man—plain and simple. I heard someone say that if you disagree with Bruce claiming to be a woman, it is bigotry. That is a lie. The media and some in it use words to intimidate. If you oppose a man claiming to be a woman and state that he needs help, or believe that perhaps some trauma or series of events in his life has led him to be clearly misguided, you are a bigot. That’s also a lie, and it’s the new mantra of the world.

I may be labeled a bigot by liberal human secularists, but I believe that men are men and that women are a gift from God, and I encourage you to stand firm against the mudslide—and push back.

Do not be afraid of being labeled. Do not be afraid of being called names or harassed by the liberal human secularist lot. 2015 in America is a time for courage. America is rudderless and leaderless. The vacuum created by President Obama’s moral depravity is evident in the continuing mass slaughter of preborn children, the head-on assault to the sacrament of marriage, the embrace of sin and disorder as diversity, the legalization of drugs that destroy and ruin lives, and the assault on religious liberty and freedom. And all of this under the deceptive shadow of our “Christian” president.

The devil is a deceiver who deceives. Don’t be deceived. The culture of death is in full assault. What you must take heart in is that Christ suffered far worse, and He has your back. Do you really believe that? Then stand tall. Write letters to your editor, train up and raise your children and grandchildren the right way in the truth of Christ. Discuss difficult topics with your family. Pray daily as a family. Pray in public; pray before meals in restaurants with sincerity. Set the example. Be the one. Monitor and control the Internet and TV in your house as it corrupts and deceives. Stand firm; have hope and be courageous.

This is an hour where we need you. Christ needs you. Fear not.

Hugh R. Brown III is Judie Brown’s son. Hugh is the father of five, president of AKA Printing and Mailing, one of the founders of St. Michael the Archangel High School, and a member of the board of directors of American Life League.