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Killing with the Kardashians

By Christopher M. Reilly

TV reality star Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are no ordinary couple.

Apparently, they are capable of human rights crimes.

It starts with the decision by Kim and Kanye, self-absorbed role models to our American youth and other children across the world, to use in vitro fertilization to conceive their second child. IVF typically involves coaxing along the lives of about 15 tiny human beings. The remainder of the human embryos that Kim and Kanye simply don’t want will likely be killed or suffer a frozen fate, as many human embryos do, and may even be subject to scientific experimentation.

US Weekly reported in June that the powerful duo, media darlings, and fabulously wealthy celebs just couldn’t bear to allow God to burden them with another daughter. They reportedly used only implanted male embryos in their IVF procedure. Sources say that Kanye wanted “a little boy, an heir.”

Despite his apparent preference for status as royalty, Kanye may be quite happy to be an American citizen, for such a process of gender selection of a child is illegal in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, China, and elsewhere.

As appropriately referred to the chosen male embryo that will enjoy the dignity of birth in December, the couple’s new “accessory” couldn’t have been conceived in a more brutal way than the destruction of his sisters and brothers.

Choosing a human child for his or her gender is an act of NOT choosing life for children of the other gender. In fact, it is actively choosing to conceive and then kill those other-sexed children. It is also participating in a worldwide practice of the ultimate discriminatory punishment of a human female for being female: death.

Even the World Health Organization, which has abandoned the time-honored Hippocratic Oath in order to accommodate abortionist doctors, has declared that use of IVF for gender selection is unethical.

Nevertheless, following months of public chats on the Today Show and elsewhere about Kim’s and Kanye’s “heartbreaking” desire to conceive a son, the American public dutifully watches the couple on cable television as they traipse around Armenia, soaking up the culture and history of Kim’s ancestors. I particularly enjoyed the episode in which rapper Kanye offered a rich contribution to Armenia’s ancient culture, the first to officially adopt Christianity in the year 301, with a special concert. One wonders if he shared his song “Jesus Walks,” complete with lyrics such as: “Somebody tell these [racial slur] who Kanye West is / I walk through the valley of Chi where death is / Top floor of the view alone will leave you breathless.” It almost makes one drop to the knees in worship, doesn’t it? During his concert, Mr. West solidified his ambition to be a deity by appearing to walk over water to an adoring crowd. You won’t be surprised, then, to learn that Kim and Kanye have announced the name of God Yeezus for their IVF-conceived son.

Yes: The baby’s name is God Yeezus West.

Kim, of course, with all of her sensitivity and integrity, makes a big show of reflecting on the Armenian genocide of the early 20th century. Estimates of Armenian deaths at the hands of the Muslim Ottomans range somewhere around 800,000 to 1.5 million.

So nice that Kim could ignore the deeper, personal lessons of the Armenian genocide while she publicly participates in a growing “gendercide” of tiny little girls.

So nice that Kim could chat blissfully on the television talk shows about her shameful procedure that has or will destroy her own children, while sparing just one to be anointed Kanye’s male heir.

So nice that African-American Kanye could contribute to the devastation of IVF, contraception, and abortion on the American black community, which is selectively targeted by abortion vendors like Planned Parenthood who commits one-third of abortions on black babies and their mothers.

So nice that Kim and Kanye may be your children’s role models.

What are you going to do about that?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West frequently appear on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, on E! cable network. You can comment by calling 1-800-E-online or you can text concerns to 44264.

Christopher M. Reilly is director of external relations at American Life League. His new book Deadly Progressivism: The Rebirth of Eugenics in 21st Century America will be available in a month.



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