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A Drone Brings Death

By Emily Brown

Alliance for Choice, Labour Alternative, the Abortion Rights Campaign, and Women on Waves all collaborated to fly a drone to Northern Ireland to deliver abortion pills to women so they can end their child’s life “safely.”  The date for the deadly flight was Tuesday, June 21.

This so-called Abortion Drone is an example of abortion promoters going to extreme measures to kill preborn children. The truly sad part is that many men and women think that these pills are “safe” and “harmless” because people like Women on Waves say that “research has shown that abortion pills are safe to use at home until 10 weeks of pregnancy.” Last time I checked, taking a pill that causes the person to bleed for days, have tremendous cramps, and expel a dead baby was neither safe nor harmless. It is actually torturous! And it ends in the death of a baby.

The Abortion Drone and the logic behind it that claims abortion pills offer a “safe” abortion are prime examples of how the abortion industry makes absolutely no sense. For instance, we know that using the word “safe” is merely a marketing strategy exposing how the abortion industry avoids admitting the killing of preborn children so that death by abortion doesn’t look as gruesome as it really is. In addition, a Women on Waves press release says that Ireland needs this drone since it has “laws that criminalize abortion.” In other words, they have come up with a way to circumvent a law aimed at protecting innocent human beings. And they’re proud of this. Finally, abortion advocates argue that access to these pills is a women’s rights issue. Does a woman really have the right to murder? And what about the baby’s rights? His life begins at creation and he is a human being made in the image and likeness of God. No one has the right to murder an innocent child.

Do you see the selfishness and the lack of logic in the statements advocating abortion?

We must stand against this culture that easily deceives women and promotes death! We must stand against this mindset that says a baby is not a baby before he is born. And we must stand against this culture that lies to us by saying abortion is “safe.”

Are you ready to take a stand? Join Life Defenders as we battle the culture of death!

Emily Brown is a 2015 graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University. She began working for American Life League last summer and is a founding member of its new youth department, ALL Life Defenders.