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Walking through the Hurt Together

By Naomi Shipley

A little while ago I asked myself, “Why is it so hard to put an end to abortion?”

There are so many arguments against it, but they don’t seem to convert anyone. Surely people can see how terrible it is, right? The problem is not a lack of facts but a vast variety of pain. Different situations and various pains cause confusion and promote exceptions in regard to abortion. When talking to people who are pro-abortion, it is helpful to pinpoint their hurt or confusion. In the same way a doctor examines a patient’s broken arm to heal it, we need to talk about our experiences in order to have healing. If someone does not know that life begins at the first moment of creation, establish that with scientific explanations. If someone does not know that Jesus loves them, tell them! In other words, don’t waste time examining the leg if the arm is broken.

The likelihood of this essay transforming a person’s view of humanity from death to life is quite slim. I do not have a quick answer as to what I would tell a peer who advocates for abortion. However, heartfelt conversations and conversions blossom when we make ourselves available, honest, and vulnerable to others.

As a high school student, I might be able to show people how wonderful life is by intentionally meeting new people. By talking to other people—whether a new face or an old friend—I can spread the joy of Christ and be present for whomever I encounter. By being present to our families, friends, and strangers, we make ourselves available to be a part of their lives in the best possible way.

As I get older, I hope to volunteer more for pro-life organizations too. Another way to spread the message of life is to wear your favorite pro-life T-shirt or hoodie. This can spark some really good conversations while you are out in public. You never know how a little act of love could make someone’s day and build up a culture of life!

We are not only meant to bring life into the world but to savor it. We are meant to cradle and lift each other up! I must add that this life is not the end but rather the beginning! Heaven is our true home, and heaven is worth any sacrifice or pain that we might endure in this world.

In conclusion, walking with others on this path to heaven is the best way to show others how good life is. If you think someone is hurting, comfort them. The smallest acts of love are what help others the most. Walk with them in their pain, and listen to their hurt. There is no quick way to get rid of abortion, but we can change hearts one by one every day by being open-minded and loving toward everyone we meet. We are all broken, but God sees us in our brokenness and offers healing. Never ever forget that you are loved.

Naomi Shipley won first place in CLSP’s high school category of the 2022 Pro-Life Essay Contest. She is in the 9th grade.