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Mama Why?

By Addi Leigh Ferry


You made the choice

But where is mine?

It is your body Mama

But mine gets dismembered like a lamb to the slaughter

I am as a feather being plucked from a bird

Mama, why?

I wanted to choose

I wanted to see the sun and run in the tall grass

I wanted to hear laughter, and sobs

I wanted to be your best friend

But You killed me

Mama, why?

My heart would beat just as yours

My lungs filled with the air you would breathe

I jumped for joy at the sound of your voice

And you still didn’t want me.

Mama, why?

I will never feel the warmth of the sun hit my face

While I play with friends I will never make

As I hear the frogs I will never chase

While laughing with the voice I do not have

You made the choice mama

Why didn’t you choose me?

Why mama?


Addi Leigh Ferry is in the 11th grade. She enjoys writing and has combined this with her passion for protecting preborn babies. She feels that her calling is to change the world through words, and in addition to her poetry, she is working on a book. Addi is ecstatic to share her work with the world but even more excited to change the world one sentence at a time.