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A Right to Life

By Amy L. Rogers

From the moment of conception to a person’s death bed, each person on this planet has the right to life, and this is a natural law that has been set in stone since the time of creation. Sadly, many people think that it is a mother’s right to decide what to do with a pregnancy, but they forget that it is not just a clump of cells growing inside of her womb but an entire, unique human being growing inside of her. So much evidence, from science to law, points toward this unique gift of life from conception. These facts demonstrate how each person has the right to life. The human conscience, a baby’s unique DNA and functioning body, the laws of our country, and the teachings of the Bible all point to a baby’s right to life.

Even before a mother knows she is pregnant, there is a new and completely unique human growing inside of her. All the characteristics of this child are already determined by the baby’s unique DNA, including the baby’s gender, complexion, hair, and eye color. He or she is a living human being. As the child grows in the womb, he or she will be able to make decisions, granted they may be little decisions, like a favorite sleeping position. In only six short weeks after conception, a baby’s heart begins to beat. He or she also feels pain, can smile, and can cry by three months gestation. At month six, babies in the womb can recognize their mother’s voice, her breathing, and her heartbeat. These amazing facts are just some evidence that points to the humanity of each preborn baby.

There are many people that would agree we should protect the vulnerable. Laws and our conscience explain why murder is wrong. Every human being deep down in their heart and conscience knows they should not kill another human. Exodus 20:13 states, “You shall not kill.” This was written thousands of years ago and even then, people realized they should not kill. Thankfully, our country has laws against killing another person. If a person were to kill a pregnant woman, there is a law, known as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which would convict that person with two murders. Some may deny it, but deep down people know that killing a baby is wrong.

Each human is completely unique. Amazingly, no one out of eight billion people on the planet has ever been the same as this person and no one in the future or the past will be the same. They have their own beautiful personalities. They have a life and soul. They are irreplaceable. They are loved by God and made in His image. They are human. Therefore, a preborn baby has the same rights as anyone else on the planet. They were given the gift of life and that is their right. Not even a mother can remove that from her child. Their life is a God-given right, which is undeniable and indisputable and should be protected.

Amy L. Rogers won second place in the middle school category of the Culture of Life Studies Program’s 2023 Pro-Life Essay Contest.