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9th-10th Grade Honorable Mention: Gregory Palumbo

Honorable Mention: Gregory Palumbo
Sacred Heart
Choose Life

I’ve never thought about explaining why I am pro-life to someone I knew who was pro-choice, but if this happened, I would have a lot of things to say. I remember reading something Ronald Reagan said: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has been born.” Every time I remember that, I think about how true that is and how wrong some people are.

It’s so hard to believe that people are even for abortion. The Lord is being so kind to you by giving you something He created just for you and something only He can create. But by doing this, you are hurting Jesus in one of the worst ways. Jesus is the king of the universe. He has millions of people praying to Him every day. He is so kind that He is using His time to give you this beautiful gift just to show you how much He loves you. You would think people would know this, but you’d be wrong. People are instead thinking about what they want and about what they think is right. Jesus would not give you this child if He thought it was wrong and if He didn’t have a reason. He does though. He has a reason to give you this child even if you don’t know what it is.

I feel like the people who are thinking about choosing abortion would know someone whom they can talk to about how they feel. I would tell someone there are groups to help people afraid of carrying babies to term and giving birth. I would tell them about all the blessings that come from giving birth to their child and saying no to abortion. I think my parents are a good example of this. My parents have 11 children. They and others could tell those considering abortion that if they weren’t supposed to have a baby, they wouldn’t have been given that gift.

What reasons do pregnant women have that make them want to choose to have an abortion? If one of them is that they don’t want to feel any pain, they should think of their own mothers. They knew there would be pain involved yet didn’t have an abortion because they knew their child to be was a gift from God. These women should also think of their Creator. When they choose abortion, our Lord has to feel an unbearable pain and know one of his daughters just moved further away from Him. If one of these women’s reasons is she doesn’t want to change the way she lives her everyday life, no one said she had to change them. And if women do have to change their lives, they will realize they like their new lives better because their baby will bring joy to their lives. If they believe their baby will make their lives harder, they need to trust that God knows what He is doing. If they are not a Christian, they have stopped going to church, or if they have had a hard life, they need to pray. These women need to know that you can’t just pray once and that’s it. They need to know to keep praying and trust God.

On my mother’s van, she has a bumper sticker that shows a baby and a seal. It says, “Which one of these isn’t protected?” People are always talking about endangered animals and how we need to protect them. I wish people would care about the preborn as much as they care about all of the endangered animals. People are trying so desperately to protect all these animals. Why can’t people try as hard to protect the preborn? They are human beings just like us. When pregnant women have an abortion, they are committing murder. As soon as Jesus puts that child in their womb, he is a living human being.

If I had to explain to a friend why we should protect the preborn, it is because they deserve to live just as much as you and I deserve to. Think of all of the things you are thankful for. All of these preborn babies deserve the chance to experience these things too. These babies deserve to see all of God’s beautiful creation, and they deserve to be loved by their parents like we were. We should do all we can to protect the preborn, and we should never stop trying to protect them. We can save so many of the preborn if we just try. Gather up people from your parish and form a pro-life group, look online for pro-life groups, do something—anything! If we keep just talking, abortion will still happen. I would tell my friend there are so many mothers who can tell you about all the blessings that come from choosing life instead of abortion. I would say that every preborn baby deserves the chance to live because all of the pro-choice women’s mothers gave THEM the chance to live. I would say no one should choose death over life.