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9th-10th Grade Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Keller

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Keller
The Lives That Society Forgot

In a world that is filled with murder, theft, attacks, and more, it seems that abortions are the least of the world’s worries. When there are born lives that are cruelly being taken, what could possibly be the harm in deciding to prevent a life from entering such darkness? Abortions not only prevent children from being born, but they also take away a life that was already living and an infant who was growing. Many people have forgotten that there is life in the preborn, and they believe the lies that society tells them about the life value and worth of those yet to be born. Pro-choicers have turned the wheel on pro-lifers for many years, claiming that the decision to rid a life before it starts is a God-given decision and therefore should be honored. It is true that God created mankind with intellect and free will, but He also gave humanity 10 simple, fundamental laws in which their actions must abide. Pro-choicers wield a flawed argument, which is seen when one’s choice expunges the life and dignity of another and breaks a very important commandment—the commandment that defends the lives of humanity.

There is something special about hearing the words “I will protect you always” and feeling loved and safe because of them. Many people know how incredible the feeling is to hear someone tell them that they are cared for and loved, yet many of those people prevent another from hearing those words—by denying them life and a chance. Every life, born and preborn, matters because it was created by God and meant to be; there is no such thing as unplanned. In the words of Matthew West, “Every life deserves a voice; every child deserves a chance.” Pro-choicers refuse to look past their argument that every woman must choose for herself what to do with the preborn child who is growing inside of her. This is a choice that threatens more lives than modern day shootings and bombings; this is the choice that determines the good and the bad moments of the woman’s life forever.

Life is made up of moments, and those moments are created by one’s choices. Some choices lead to the creation of a beautiful life, but it is sadly not uncommon for that life to be frowned upon, seen as a burden and a mistake, and destroyed. Today, modern society is filled with shootings, which claim the lives of many. The murder that is committed in these shootings is a choice—a choice that the person who performs the action decides to make—yet the world is not filled with people honoring the choice of the shooter. Of course there is still the argument made that the abortion could be for the better; perhaps the parents were unsuspecting teenagers and believe to be incapable of raising a child, or maybe the parents feel unable to give the child the support and care that he will require. However if the situations were reversed, and in a shooting, one person was killed—just one, awful, cruel, nasty person who everyone hated—could that be justified to the court? Whether or not the community thinks it would be better without the person is not the fact of the matter; the important and crucial fact is that a murder was committed and a life was taken. There are no exceptions with the law, and there are no exceptions in the dignity and worth that each life, born and preborn, possesses.

Without rules and laws, there could be no peace and no harmony in the world. These two things are necessary because man was created to help one another. Without peace and harmony, the world would be at constant war with itself, rivalries would be passed on from one generation to the next and there would be no understandings and no peace offerings. The hatred one felt for another would diminish the worth and dignity of each person’s life. The world once banned abortions, but times have changed as society darkened. The acknowledgment of the life and dignity in the preborn has been lessened more and more over the years, and it is an insult to the many lives that were created for greatness but never had a chance to even walk the face of the earth.

Life is a precious thing that should be denied to no one. It is the gift of life that enables one to live, to love, and to make a difference in someone else’s life. There is no one who went through life without being impacted for the better by another. The choices of today lay the foundation of tomorrow and the choice of taking away the lives of the preborn now has the ability to put an end to the road of another person later. Today, many choices seem like the best option, but how are they going to affect the generation of tomorrow and the generations to come?