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7th-8th Grade First Place Winner: Luke Babbey

First Place Winner: Luke Babbey
Babbey Christian Academy
The Right to Live

When you think of a baby, you think of a child just waiting to be born. When you decide to have an abortion, what you do not think about is what God thinks of the life you just took away. If I met a peer who said she was pro-choice and said that she was thinking about (or planning on getting) an abortion, I would tell her that her preborn baby has value and dignity and had value and dignity from the moment God brought him into the world. I would say that her baby deserves the chance to live and deserves our protection no matter what.

All babies, born or preborn, have value because they are loved by God and because they are His children. I would tell my pro-choice peer that when the abortion happens, she is not only taking her child out of this world, but also taking God’s child out of this world. All humans are created by God, and He loves every single one of them. It does not matter what their age is, whether they are born or are still in the womb; He loves them unconditionally. God not only loves them regardless of their age, but he loves them regardless of whether they were planned or unplanned. Their biological parents might have brought them to the world without meaning to, but God does not make mistakes; in God’s eyes, their arrival to the world is intentional and is not an accident.

Babies deserve the right to live because God has great plans for them. I would tell my pro-choice peer that her baby should not be aborted because God has an amazing plan for him or her, and he or she will do something amazing in life. No matter the age of a person, whether he is born or is still in the womb, God has a plan for his life, and if she trusts and obeys Him, He will lead her to wonderful things. I would tell her to think of a person who has gone on to do amazing things in life and then ask: “What if that person’s mother had gotten an abortion?” Some babies who were going to be aborted ended up being some of the people who have gone on to do the greatest things. However, regardless of what someone has accomplished in life, we all can make this world a better place. When mothers get abortions, they are taking away the opportunity for their child to impact the world in a positive way.

Babies are precious and have value and dignity because everything God creates is beautiful and good. I would tell my pro-choice peer that God is the creator of the child and that the baby is beautiful and good because that is what the Creator of the world is. God creates things to be beautiful and good because that is what He is; this goodness has been shown all throughout time and can still be seen today. I would tell my peer that if God creates something, she can be confident in the fact that the creation is wonderful. It does not matter what it is, whether it is a tree, a flower, or a preborn baby. Regardless of the creation, she can be sure it is beautiful and good. Also, it does not matter what stage of life the creation is at. A flower is just as much a beautiful creation of God when it is a seedling as it is when it is a fully bloomed flower. On the same note, a human is God’s same beautiful creation when he is the size of a sesame seed as opposed to a born child. Even when the baby is in the womb, the baby is still beautiful. He does not become “more human” or a more beautiful creation of God when he is in the outside world we live in now. The baby in the womb is just as wonderful as the babies in the outside world.

Sometimes mothers need some help. If my pro-choice peer told me that she felt like it was impossible for her to take care of her baby once he came into the world (because of finances, family, or something else), I would tell her to look into foster care. If a mother feels she cannot take care of the child she is carrying, sometimes the best option is to entrust her child to the care of someone else, whether that be a friend, a family member, or Children’s Services, who will find a home for the child. If my peer told me that she could take care of her child, but was nervous about pregnancy and raising a child, I would tell her to reach out to family or friends, because they most likely have tips and tricks on how to get through pregnancy and on how to raise children effectively. She could also find great help from her local Right to Life or pro-life organization. It might feel embarrassing or uncomfortable to ask for help, but it is a great decision in the long run.

Even though babies take a lot of time, in the long run a baby is one of the best things that could ever happen to a person. It might be hard and stressful, but in the long run it is worth every moment. Preborn babies have value and dignity and need to be treated with respect and love. They need our protection, not only because they are God’s children, but also because there is no telling the wonderful things they could do in this life, and who are we to stand in their way? They deserve the chance to live because they are God’s special creation—His masterpiece. The preborn baby is not a collection of cells that can just be thrown away. He is a living thing, loved and cherished by God. If God loves and cherishes preborn children, then we need to as well. These are the things I would say to a person who was thinking about abortion, because preborn babies have the right to be loved, cherished, and protected.