Mothers against Children

Compelling the Living to Die

When we advocate for the killing of the innocent or sick, we extinguish the light given to us by Our Lord, and we allow darkness to seep into our lives. Let us all be a lantern others can see by. Let this light guide others to Christ.

Archbishop Carlson Defends Life

An archbishop’s sage words remind us of the inherent dignity of each and every preborn baby.

Hello, Media? Criticizing the Facts Is Foolhardy!

It’s simple: A human being’s life begins at his biological beginning. This fact cannot be ignored.

Love Life? Tell Its Beautiful Story!

God has given us a wonderful gift. Not only should we be thankful, but we should proudly tell others.

Face the Facts: Abortion Is Murder

With all the falsehoods and lies tossed around about abortion, we must remember to be the light and to help spread the truth to those around us.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Christmas season has just begun. Rejoice in the Twelve Days of Christmas as we focus on Christ—He Who is truly present in our lives.