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One Hundred Percent Pro-Life

This article was originally printed in January 2018 and is reprinted as a reminder of the importance of being One Hundred Percent Pro-Life.

By Judie Brown

One hundred percent pro-life was the American Life League theme for National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and was our theme at the 2018 March for Life as well. The T-shirt bearing this stamp of approval was a best seller, and we think we know why.

Telling a simple story by sending a simple message appeals to those who understand that, after 46 years of decriminalized abortion, it is time for us to get real. And the truth is that only the 100 percent pro-life language will do if we are sincere about ending the holocaust that takes the lives of preborn children.

Here are the facts:

Abortions occur in reproductive technology/in vitro fertilization facilities. These are the clinical abortions. They kill people.

Abortions caused by chemicals and devices are described as contraception, but they in fact are interception in nature. These chemical means of abortion kill.

There are abortions caused by medical means that require the involvement of a nurse practitioner or a physician. These abortions—such as those committed by ingesting the abortion pill, RU-486, or other drugs—are called medical abortions. They kill people.

And there are the surgical abortions, the ones most commonly talked about in the pro-life movement. It is claimed that there have been some 60 million abortions committed surgically since 1973. They kill people too.

So when we say we are proud to wear the “100% Pro-Life” label, we are telling the world that we oppose every single abortion by any means whatsoever and we do not countenance any exceptions.

More importantly is the fact that this is a statement we make to our fellow pro-lifers who use inaccurate language and thus do not mean what their words actually say.

Nothing begins ‘In the womb’

When we say “A woman unsure of whether she is pregnant, for instance, would not use an abortifacient, which could kill her preborn child who may be in her womb,” we are being totally inaccurate. We must understand and teach the truth: A baby’s life normally begins at the beginning of the process of fertilization. This is Carnegie stage 1a, when the male sperm makes first contact with the female egg. Sometimes a preborn baby can come into existence asexually, as with natural twins and triplets, as well. But either way, she does not begin IN THE WOMB!

Once a unique individual’s life begins, the abortifacient (chemical abortion) can kill that baby BEFORE he implants in his mother’s womb. When we use the correct language, we help people see the truth that any abortion that kills a human being is wrong.

To be clear: A preborn baby lives for seven days or more before she ever gets to her mother’s womb.

The 100 percent pro-life American knows this and explains it as many times as is needed until those fighting abortion understand what is at stake when inaccurate language is used.

In the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI wrote: “‘Human life is sacred—all men must recognize that fact,’ Our predecessor Pope John XXIII recalled. ‘From its very inception it reveals the creating hand of God.’”

We urge every pro-life American to study the science, including this outstanding article from the Washington Examiner entitled “Science Tells Us When Life Begins. Why Isn’t It Taught in the Classroom?” and to spread the word.

Every preborn child is a gift. As the Holy Father teaches, each preborn child “reveals the creating hand of God.”

Join American Life League in spreading the truth so that Americans, one by one, will become 100 percent pro-life! Let’s end this madness.


Learn how to teach these truths to your children and encourage their teachers to do likewise. The Culture of Life Studies Program offers the way.

Make sure to have Celebrate Life Magazine in your home. It also makes a wonderful gift for your doctor and your educator, not to mention your pastor.

Start rooting out the evil in your neighborhood by learning how to stop Planned Parenthood.

Please pray for America.