Investigate Planned Parenthood

Congress Investigates Heinous Crimes

As Congress investigates the nefarious actions of Planned Parenthood, we must all pray that the truth comes out and shows the country the despicable nature of this organization.


Contraception, IVF, and Political Red Herrings

We know the facts and the truths about preborn babies and contraception. We know the lies that are constantly spread. But do we know how to stop them? Do we have the courage to do so?


The Truth Shall Prevail–Just Not at Notre Dame

In our search for the truth, we need look no further than Christ and His teachings. But what happens when these teachings are twisted and skewed? Recent events at Notre Dame show us.


Aborted Babies Incinerated?

Children are our future and should be treasured, not disposed of as would a piece of trash. In today’s culture, many are treated no better than yesterday’s leftovers.

Truth Always Gets Mutilated in a Vacuum

Truth Always Gets Mutilated in a Vacuum

Recent incidents force us, yet again, to confront the culture of death head on. Now more than ever we need to stand up and proclaim God’s truth.

Do Not Go Bye-Bye in Hospice!

What could happen to you or your loved one upon entering the hospital or hospice? Remain vigilant; in today’s world, you never know.