The Gorilla in the Political Circus Ring

Carnegie, ‘Roe,’ and Personhood

By Judie Brown Professor Dianne Irving explains: If Roe falls, it won’t be because of Kavanaugh (who is a judicial “conservative”), but because Roe refused to acknowledge the accurate, objective, scientific facts of human embryology known for over 76 years. The Carnegie Stages of Human Embryonic Development were internationally instituted in 1942 and have been updated every year since then by the international nomenclature […]

Riddle: If ‘Roe’ Falls, What Is Next?

By Judie Brown A riddle is a puzzling question posed as a problem. And as sure as night follows day, the challenge of answering what pro-life people will do if Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton are overturned is one that deserves some attention. This is so because soon after Justice Kavanaugh was seated […]

BILGE FOR THE MODERN WORLD: Abortionists, Pope Francis, and Cardinal Wuerl

By Judie Brown Bilge: stale or worthless remarks or ideas When I first read Bill O’Reilly’s comments about what it takes to make a phrase or a term bilge, I was heartened because he too sees the fallacy in the abuse of language devoid of facts. O’Reilly opines: One of the hip sayings in the […]

Women and THE Woman

By Judie Brown Some women view abortion as a “key part of women’s liberty, equality, and economic security.” In fact, some women carry their advocacy of aborting their own children to extremes, as witnessed during the recent confirmation hearings for now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But what about women who, according to a recent study published in the […]

Lofty Rhetoric Versus Nonnegotiable Truth

By Judie Brown Last week, Maine senator Susan Collins (R) delivered a speech the day before Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. It seems that this speech defined the crux of the debate between the two sides. If that is the case, then we can be assured that the entire clash of worldviews over this Supreme […]

The System of Death

By Judie Brown In a recent e-mail discussing the problems associated with the abuse of palliative care, Paul Byrne, MD made a statement that, I believe, defines the foundational problem in our culture today. Dr. Byrne called what is happening a “System of Death,” which refers not only to euthanizing the so-called unwanted because they […]