Racial Discrimination Escalating


A Nation on the Edge

Loose morality, the actions of misguided organizations, and hedonistic behavior have alarming consequences. What can we do about a nation teetering on the brink of moral decay?


Freedom from Crimes

In our society, the killing of an innocent human being is not always a crime. How can you help change that?


Charlie Gard’s Symphony

Beautiful Baby Charlie touched so many during his short time with us. The gifts he brought us and the lessons we learned will never be forgotten.


Dismemberment Techniques for Killing Babies

CMP’s newest video reveals, once again, the evil underbelly of Planned Parenthood.


Planned Parenthood Deals in Filthy Lucre

Day after day, Planned Parenthood proves that money is a priority and that the accumulation of wealth comes before everything else.


The Tsunami of Despair

Though despair may often seem to permeate our society, we must never let it wash over us. The love of Christ and His teachings will help us find a way through and will lead us directly to His loving embrace.