Abortion Propaganda Breeds Death and Sadness

Abortion Propaganda Breeds Death and Sadness

Lies repeatedly told will become truth for those not educated in God’s truth. We cannot continue to allow the culture of death to seep into the minds and hearts of our children.


And Who Do You Say I Am?

Just as we cannot deny Christ, we also cannot deny the humanity of the preborn baby. As Christ taught us, whatever we do to the least of our brothers, we do unto Him.


Contraception and Abortion: Their Deadly Connection

Though some may want to turn a blind eye, there is no denying the connection between contraception and abortion.

Death and the Pontifical Academy for Life

Is the Vatican Slouching toward Wickedness?

Though confusion has seemed to emanate from recent actions out of Rome, we understand that Christ is in charge. He will be our refuge.

Maggie, we really do know you

An ‘Ism’ Fraught with Loathing

Did you know that the Negro Project was one of the first ways Planned Parenthood tried to rid the country of black people?


Euthanasia and the Silent Pressure to Die

Do you want to live in a culture that comforts you when you’re seriously ill or dying? Or do you want one that brushes you aside and tells you to die?