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The Ghouls among Us

By Judie Brown

A ghoul is someone who shows a morbid interest in things evil, shocking, and repulsive. Today, that includes contraception, abortion, and euthanasia. Given that today is Halloween, it is fitting to talk about such ghoulish people.

A heroic man who fends off these demons is Arlington, Virginia’s Catholic bishop, Michael Burbidge. He recently defined for his flock the choice in the upcoming election as a simple choice between good and evil. He focused on those running in the election who are pro-life, saying of their detractors,

It’s vicious how they’re being attacked. And what is really sad to learn is how the rest of the country knows this is a very important election in Virginia. And so Planned Parenthood, for example, is pouring millions of dollars into our election. That’s right. And so are other entities outside of Virginia as far as from California . . . to make sure that the candidates who are upholding the protection and sacredness of all human life are defeated.

Such are the devious actions of the pro-abortion ghouls. But this abominable attack on people of principle is not confined to Virginia.

In Ohio, a recent report on pre-election spending revealed that those who support enshrining abortion in the state constitution are raising more money than those who support life. Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom is the name of the group, but the truth is that they are committed to child killing by acts of abortion. Ghouls do that.

They describe themselves as advocates of “reproductive rights, health and justice.” Such people “have been working in partnership for decades to protect and expand abortion access.” Their bloodlust for aborting children is not only morally repugnant but widespread.

In another example of such devilish language, the US State Department celebrated Intersex Awareness Day, saying, “We applaud all activists, organizations and governments working to raise visibility and protect Intersex persons’ rights to bodily integrity and to ensure equal protection and recognition before the law.”

Our tax dollars are supporting drivel like this, spewed from the government ghouls who prefer programs of evil to programs that would defend truth and promote genuine justice for all.

Yet it is not only the political arena that creates affirmation for ghoulish ideologies. It is religious figures like Pope Francis who sow seeds of confusion instead of the facts of doctrine. The pope recently told the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics to move forward with their work. For those unaware of the mission of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, it is a commitment to affirm the voice of the LGBTQI members of the community who represent the “diverse sexual orientations, gender identities” and other qualities and who “work to ensure that LGBTI persons and their families have full and participative membership in all areas of the Catholic Church.”

The problem is that while every human being is a creation of God and deeply loved by the Father, the commitment such people have to sexual sins cannot be ignored. Father William Saunders has written on this, teaching, “Only in marriage do we find God’s blessing upon the act of sexual love, or what is better termed marital love.”

The morally disordered acts of same-sex relationships is only resolvable through the living of a chaste life. In 2004, to provide pastoral guidance to his flock, retired bishop Thomas Olmsted wrote:

Be well informed about the teachings of our Catholic Christian faith on this topic. Read what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says about this topic (#2357-2359). Read the Letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons. Read good books on this topic such as those by Fr. John Harvey: e.g. “The Homosexual Person” and “Truth about Homosexuality.”

Should you be aware of persons who have homosexual inclinations, accept them as brothers and sisters in Christ and support them by authentic love and prayer.

Pope Francis has taught that homosexuality is not a sin, saying, “God loves us as we are,” which is true. However, the reason the Church encourages the use of the sacrament of penance is because sins that offend God should provoke sorrow, not complacency. The Catechism teaches that homosexuals are called to chastity because homosexual acts are “contrary to the natural law [and] . . . under no circumstances can they be approved.”

But the GNRC rejects this teaching, saying the Catechism’s statements are imposed rather than provide homosexuals with the opportunity for discernment. If we read this properly, it means that the ghouls of moral relativism have replaced doctrine with fabrication in the GNRC philosophy.

How can Pope Francis abide this?

Truth never changes. It does not depend on who we are or what we are doing. Truth guides us to choose good and avoid evil.

Ghouls dislike truth, but to the observer it is patently clear that the devil loves confusion and sows it wherever he can. He is not a commercial invention designed to sell costumes for Halloween; he is real. And the harm he does is eternally damning.

The devil is the leading ghoul among us.