The Tricky Thing about Dying

By Judie Brown For most of us, our aging and vulnerable loved ones are at the forefront of our minds these days. We confront the unseen enemy with faith in God and the will to do our best to protect each other. But there is another side to this challenging situation. The current pandemic has […]

Planned Parenthood Is Still as Diabolical as Ever

By Jim Sedlak It may come as a surprise to many young fighters against Planned Parenthood, but during its first 70 years of operation, the organization managed to keep its nefarious activities secret from the general public in America. There were, of course, many brave people who came to understand the evil of Planned Parenthood […]

Understanding ‘Evangelium Vitae’

By Susan Ciancio Evangelium Vitae, or The Gospel of Life, is St. John Paul II’s encyclical on the sanctity of all human life. Written in 1995, this beautiful and loving encyclical addresses our relationship with God, how to build a culture of life, and the importance of seeing dignity in every person—born or preborn, old […]

America Has Tolerated Murder for Years

By Judie Brown Lost in our national debate these past few weeks has been acknowledgment of one fundamental truth: Every human individual whose right to life is, according to the Declaration of Independence, an unalienable right, is equally important and deserves equal protection under the law. Without recognition of this fact, anything is possible, including […]

When MS Attacks the Brain, Let God Renew the Mind

By Mark Davis Pickup Having a neurological disease like multiple sclerosis, I’ve become acutely aware of the brain and its power over the body and the mind. I have also become aware of the colossal power of the mind and its profound influence over the body. Most of all, I have become very, very aware […]

Pro-Life This Week – June 12, 2020

Week in Review – Parents fighting sex ed; Congress and PPP; Vigano letter to Trump The Seattle Times documented this week that a new, and outrageous, sexuality education law (Senate Bill 5395) that was passed and signed by the governor earlier this year will most likely be on the ballot this November. The new law greatly expands sexuality […]