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WSR: 2024-03-27

  • Betrayal by politicians who claim they are pro-life but who then vote the opposite way has become then norm. We explain recent developments.
  • Plan B contraception is everywhere. In fact, your children may have easy access to it and in places where you would least expect it.
  • Your opinion matters! We need your response to two short questions to help us continue to effectively fight Planned Parenthood.

By Ed Martin

During my first weeks at American Life League and STOPP, I visited Capitol Hill with Executive Vice President Hugh Brown. We hit about a dozen offices and kept delivering our message: Planned Parenthood is killing America. We also handed out our CEO report showing how the killing brings in big money (and that Planned Parenthood has a DEI problem!).

Hugh was in great spirits, and we made a big impact. At one point, he turned to me and said, “You know, Ed, this is great. We need to help these people see the truth. We need to bring this fight to them and their voters.” Then he paused and said, “But, as Judie always taught, the politicians aren’t going to save us. They won’t do it. We have to save ourselves.”

Judie was proven right again last week when so-called conservative and pro-life Republican House members voted for a terrible budget that funds all sorts of abominations.

The “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024” funds the Departments of Defense, Education, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Labor, and State until the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

Instead of using their power over the budget, House Republicans gave in and funded all the mess from years before. It includes money for hospitals performing late-term abortions, payments to gender-transforming education, and, well, all the usual stuff we see year after year.

If they believe that abortion is killing our babies and that Planned Parenthood is funding education that is destroying our children, how can they do this? How can we stand for this?

It defies all that is right and just. It is evil. 

So we pray this Holy Week for the conversion of hearts AMONG THOSE WHO CLAIM THEY ARE PRO-LIFE. God save America.If you want to learn more about Planned Parenthood’s nefarious agenda, read this article exposing Planned Parenthood’s totally partisan bias. This organization uses its money (our money!) to support pro-abortion Democrats. There is no room for pro-life beliefs in the Democrat party. And here you can see more details on how “pro-life” Republicans sold us out to continue the killing. 

By Katherine Van Dyke

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts” concert tour gained international attention earlier this month when it partnered with the Missouri Abortion Fund and Right By You to distribute the contraceptive drug Plan B, resources to obtain abortions, and condoms to young concertgoers. This news was both shocking and disturbing and even compelled the Guts tour to announce that they will not be distributing contraception due to the number of children present at Rodrigo’s concerts. 

While Rodrigo’s concert tour created a spectacle in the news due to its shocking nature, Planned Parenthood continues to flood your child’s college’s health centers, and even your own neighborhood, with Plan B. 

Just last week a report from a news outlet in Washington state announced that a Planned Parenthood in Walla Walla opened a Plan B vending machine right outside their facility. Planned Parenthood boasts that one does not need a prescription or to even enter the clinic to purchase the drug since the “vending machine is accessible 24/7 and only takes debit and credit cards.” Emily Anderson, the community outreach manager of the Planned Parenthood in Walla Walla, said: “We’re really excited to expand access in our community especially given all the changes to state law across the border (in Idaho). . . . We believe every type of reproductive health care should be as easy to access to the community as possible.” 

Anderson also mentioned that she was inspired to have a vending machine filled with Plan B outside the clinic after hearing about local high schools offering Plan B to teenagers via vending machines. The news clip is heartbreaking to watch as it shows a mother with a young child walking up to the machine to purchase the contraceptive drug. Planned Parenthood lists its goal to have Plan B vending machines at all its clinics in eastern Washington state by the end of 2024. 

Another piece of news reported last week was that Penn State’s Planned Parenthood Generation group on campus partnered with the university’s health center to provide free Plan B to students. Planned Parenthood Generation of Penn State posted the following caption on its social media page:

Planned Parenthood Generation Action at PSU is very excited to announce our new Plan B initiative! PPGen received free Plan B for students in need. . . . If you or someone you know is in need of Plan B, go to one of these locations [on campus] and ask an employee in the office. You’ll be given the free Plan B no questions asked!

Planned Parenthood and the abortion agenda continue to deceive young girls and women into believing that they need contraception. Chastity and respect for oneself and the other person is never an option this agenda offers. 

We must become vigilant and learn what Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups are doing in our local communities, universities, and education systems and work as active participants to counter the confusion and pain from abortion and contraception by encouraging true charity and helping women in need. Whether it be local government engagement, volunteering at a pregnancy care center, or inviting a pro-life speaker to your classroom/church, community participation is crucial if we want to counteract the evil lurking about in our own backyards.

The late Jim Sedlak was a man of many gifts. He was a visionary who saw Planned Parenthood as a growing enemy, a writer who laid out the truth of the “education” pushed by abortion supporters, and a trainer of hundreds of activists who continue to stop Planned Parenthood’s advancement in their communities.

For over a year now, we at STOPP have been working to continue what Jim started and led for decades. One piece of the puzzle is training new allies to fight Planned Parenthood. Jim was gifted (and practiced) at this.

We are almost finished with our new training initiative for STOPP. It has an online component AND an in-person on-the-ground component. We have modeled our work on Jim’s presentations. (See the link below if you would like to see and hear Jim in action.) 

But we need your help! Will you answer these two short questions and email me your responses?

1) Identify one or two aspects of training that you would like us to provide.

2) Forward the names of two or three pro-life groups, friends, or acquaintances who could join us in this training.

That’s it! Please email me at with your responses. We greatly appreciate your help.

As I have gone through Jim’s writings, his plans, and his history, I am struck by this: First, and foremost, he saw himself as a man of faith who started with prayer and finished with prayer. Let us follow his lead, especially this Holy Week. God bless you, Jim.