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WSR: 2023-02-08

  • Natalia’s Agony: A Pack of Pills with a Pack of Lies
  • Travesty of Justice: Planned Parenthood Awarded Almost $1M against On-Site Worshippers
  • Satanic Temple Says It Will Open a Virtual New Mexico Clinic for ‘Free Religious Abortions’—Truth or Hoax?
  • Our Lady of Lourdes, Pray for Us 

The 20-year-old mother laments, “I remember somehow getting to the toilet, it was unbearable the pain, and that’s when I passed my baby. I looked down and saw him. It wasn’t like a heavy period, it was like a baby. I must have flushed it down the toilet, and I remember just falling to my knees. . . . It’s not just a group of cells, it’s a baby. It’s not what they tell you it is.”

Natalia had initially wanted to “get rid of” her child when she found out she was pregnant, but she was hesitant. The longer she waited the more attached she got to her baby. Neither her friends nor her baby’s father was supportive of her parenting. She held onto the pills she was given to take at home for three weeks, hoping the entire time that someone would try to talk her out of it—or that her baby’s father or her friends would see what distress she was in and support her in parenting.

The staff at the place where she got the pills had seen her three times, and she was too emotionally upset all three times to take the pills, so they sent her home to take them “where she would be more comfortable.” No one ever stepped forward with even a word of encouragement to support her in bringing her child to term. Eventually, the friends dissolved the pills that she could not swallow, and she drank the poison that killed her baby. She says it was fear that eventually convinced her to do it. Afterward, she lay in bed alone for three days “bleeding through the mattress” and not wanting to move.

“I just wish I knew everything back then that I know now,” she says after drying her tears. “I would tell that poor girl [myself] to leave . . . straightaway.”

Natalia’s heartbreaking story appears on a March for Life UK video. Scores of similar tragic stories appear around the Internet. There is a move in some circles to deny that women are victims of abortion. The truth is that many, many times these young women are completely victimized by the people who should be supporting them amid the fear that media, friends, and others with influence have stirred up in them. Fear that a baby will ruin their lives. Fear that the child will destroy a relationship. Fear that they are too young to parent. So much fear, so little support. And the abortion pill regimen—given to them to take home where they can be “more comfortable”—results in pools of blood in which they lie after the trauma of delivering their baby whom, in many instances, they wanted with all their heart. It’s incredibly heartless and sad to claim that these women are not victimized, bullied, and forced into abortions they do not want. And the do-it-at-home regimen of pills makes it 100% easier and more convenient to victimize and abuse girls and women.

Today, more than half of all abortions are committed via the pill regimen—a regimen described as being like a heavy period with cramping, when, indeed, women like Natalia describe the experience as similar to being stabbed in the stomach. That kind of trauma is not something that a person ever “gets over.” The loss of the child and his progeny is beyond calculation.

In 2021, Planned Parenthood operated 55% of all US abortion facilities. It operated 83% of all abortion facilities that commit pill-only abortions. STOPP’s recent research shows that Planned Parenthood’s profit margin on pill abortions is exorbitant. For example, mifepristone (Mifeprex) is currently available for retail purchase at both CVS and Target pharmacies for $33.47 through a GoodRX discount. Misoprostol—the second medication used in tandem with Mifeprex to finish the abortion—is available to the public at Walmart and Walgreens for under $3 for two pills via a GoodRX discount. (Misoprostol is said to be 85% effective in causing abortions during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy on its own, even without the use of mifepristone.)

Planned Parenthood says it charges around $580 for the pill abortion but that it can go as high as $800! With numbers like that at play, it is easy to see why Planned Parenthood and other abortionists continue shifting their abortion business toward the pill regimen with all their might. When it comes to Planned Parenthood, follow the money trail—the one littered with dead babies and brokenhearted moms. 

STOPP has long been a proponent of bringing the church to Planned Parenthood in peaceful, prayerful, gatherings as the most effective way of countering the evil of abortion. When a Spokane group known as The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP) began drawing crowds of upwards of 200 worshippers outside the local PP abortion center, the abortion giant responded with a lawsuit, complaining of violations against a local noise ordinance.

A 2020 Spokesman-Review article commenting on the lawsuit, however, quotes Julie Humphreys, a spokesperson for Spokane Police Department, who says, “SPD has responded to every complaint about the noise and determined that there was not a violation of the noise ordinance.”

In addition, the Spokesman-Review reported that a police captain had been appointed to every gathering of The Church at Planned Parenthood since September 2019. They had entered PP on multiple occasions to assess the noise levels, and the chief had “been assured by everyone who is there that they have been following the law.”

Furthermore, the gatherings were taking place beginning at 6 pm, the time when Planned Parenthood was closing, leaving a huge gap in PP’s complaint that the “noise” was upsetting its customers.

TCAPP has now been ordered to pay Planned Parenthood $110,000 in civil damages for alleged noise violations that PP says interfered with its ability to do business. It also will pay $850,000 in attorney fees, per a settlement reached with the TCAPP’s insurance company and others, according to a Feb. 5 report by the Seattle Times.

It is a travesty of justice when Planned Parenthood is enabled to extinguish free speech and lawful assembly while ending the lives of innocent babies and raking in huge sums of money, especially when it paints that lawful free speech as noise violations.  

Peaceful, prayerful, and lawful gatherings outside PP have been and should remain protected by every aspect of the law, and our resolve should increase daily to be in prayer where the blood of innocent children is shed. Today, tomorrow, and until abortion is stopped, prayerful, peaceful presence on-site at Planned Parenthood—as you will find in ALL’s Marian Surge—will remain the pivotal point of stopping abortion.

What could be more congruent with the wholesale slaughter of little children than to have Satan worshippers openly prescribing death pills for use in a Satanic abortion ritual and claiming a religious right to do so to skirt the law? It could certainly happen in this strange time in which we live. But while widely reported, after researching the Satanic Temple, it appears to be largely just a sick fundraising hoax for its organizers.

According to a purported press release from The Satanic Temple (dateline Salem, MA): “The Satanic Temple has announced the launch of its first reproductive health clinic, which will provide free religious medication abortion care in New Mexico. TST Health, The Satanic Temple’s religious medical services arm, will provide telehealth screenings and appointments and prescribe abortion medication for its patients.” While the assessment and “abortion ritual” are online and free, the pills will cost about $90, according to the press release. (Note in our lead story above, they can be bought for the retail price of less than $40 through GoodRX discount at your local pharmacy.)

By proclaiming that the abortion ritual falls under protected religious freedom, the group says it seeks to bypass laws that prohibit abortion. “Patients undergo a confidential screening and virtual appointment before having their prescriptions sent to the clinic’s pharmacy partner, who will mail the medications in a discreet package,” according to the press release. This is already happening, whether from this group or from Planned Parenthood and many others.

The satanists’ pharmacy partner, Honeybee, features pictures of faces that are familiar from viewing The Satanic Temple activism videos. It makes reference to the Babylon Bee, as well, and says it requires of its partners a love of bee puns. It includes pictures of people in bee suits.

The Satanic Temple website refers to preborn children up to 24 weeks gestation as “non-viable fetal tissue [that] is part of the pregnant person and is free to be voluntarily removed.”

Mocking Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority opinion remanding abortion to the states, TST Health says it has named its virtual facility in New Mexico “The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.” The press release continues: “In 1950, Samuel Alito’s mother did not have options, and look what happened.” Once again, sick humor.

With the organization flashing a dateline of Salem, MA, using other sick humor, and using names like Erin Helian as a spokesperson and Honeybee as a pharmacy partner, one can only “conjure” that this is just a big fundraising hoax.

The Washington Times even provides a quote from Ms. Helian, indicating that the virtual clinic will be staffed by former Planned Parenthood employees.

Either way, it is not surprising. Planned Parenthood has long been a major attraction point for satanists and other practitioners of all that is opposed to respect for human life. This ongoing fight to expand abortion via virtual clinics and mail-order pills is Planned Parenthood’s work. ALL’s latest research into Planned Parenthood’s annual reports shows that it operates over 83 percent of pill-only abortion facilities in the US.

While The Satanic Temple says it provides the free ritual, which we don’t doubt, and that it is adding a medical arm called TST Health, which we have so much reason to doubt, it stands to reason that the opportunists will jump on board to try to make a buck off of dead babies and brokenhearted moms as often as they can, any way they can, while invoking religious liberty to negate any laws that stand in the way.

With the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes fast approaching on February 11, we are reminded of Our Lady’s great mercy and the miracles that she pours out upon humanity even today through the healing waters at Lourdes. But if we look a little deeper into the story, we find that the Lourdes apparitions came at a time in history when France and all of western civilization were rapidly abandoning faith in God and were in dire need of conversion.

According to the Australia Needs Fatima website:

Even as Our Lady was appearing to Saint Bernadette, the Englishman Charles Darwin was writing a book called On the Origin of Species which would become famous and convince multitudes that God was not our creator. In an outburst of insane pride, the celebrated German philosopher Nietzsche was proclaiming “God is dead.” These false prophets were enthusiastically listened to, because they gave people an excuse to expel God from their lives.

Today’s false prophets rekindle that spirit as they discount God and all of humanity through mass murder by abortion and the intentional shattering and dispersal of the family. The community that was constructed by God to be the cradle of life and the domestic church is quickly disappearing.

Through the miraculous waters of Lourdes, Our Lady sent forth a surge of graces and rekindled belief in God and His great mercy and power. She sent miracle after miracle that could not be explained by the scientists that many had adulated and even substituted for belief in God.

While Lourdes speaks of the great power of God to overcome evil and to heal, there was also a call for repentance from Lourdes—as there has been from all Marian apparitions. Let us add fasting and much sacrifice to our prayers during the upcoming Lenten season as we bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary via our Marian Surge—a call for a peaceful surge of rosary prayer onsite at every Planned Parenthood facility in the nation. Let’s make that surge continue not just into and through Lent but throughout the year, until Planned Parenthood shutters all its doors. Our prayers for restoration of the family, rekindling of faith in God, and for an end to abortion will turn civilization around and ring through eternity.

God will bless our nation and our world, and He will turn civilization around under the banner of Mary—the mediatrix of all grace!