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At Planned Parenthood, That’s Just the Way it Is!

Accept, or you are labeled insensitive or intolerant. Accept and allow, or you are labeled narrow-minded or discriminatory. Do not follow the teachings of the Lord, or you are labeled unbalanced or extreme. These, and more, are the ideas Planned Parenthood has subtly put into our heads and the heads of our children. These are the ideas shaping today’s culture. And these are the ideas we can no longer let continue to blossom.

New Video Details Sebelius’ Role in Alleged Child Rape Cover-Up

American Life League released a new video report entitled, “He Said, She Shred,” that pieces together the role HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius played in a complicated criminal case involving 107 charges against Planned Parenthood, including 23 felonies involving the cover-up of child rape.

American Life League Calls on Sebelius to Resign

With the growing evidence strengthening the connection between the possible illegal destruction of records in the criminal case against Planned Parenthood in Kansas, and the current Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services