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At Planned Parenthood, That’s Just the Way it Is!

Some headlines boil my beans, and that is exactly what this one did! LifeSiteNews reports: “House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill for National Women’s History Museum that Honors Margaret Sanger.”

Let me see if I get this right. Margaret Sanger is the woman who broke the law to make sure the poor got birth control so they would not have babies because, as she so famously wrote of the less fortunate,

Their lives are hopeless repetitions. All that they have said has been said before; all that they have done has been done better before. Such human weeds clog up the path, drain up the energies and the resources of this little earth. We must clear the way for a better world; we must cultivate our garden.

Need I say more?

So, I ask you, how can it be that this woman has earned the privilege, posthumously, of being recognized by the U.S. Congress as someone worthy to be profiled in a National Women’s History Museum?

One of the board members may provide a clue. Her name is Ann E. W. Stone and her biggest claim to fame in the abortion movement is her effort to begin and promote Republicans for Choice PAC. It is not hard to see, based on this information alone, how it might come to pass that Sanger would be honored within the context of a museum dedicated to women’s history.

Thankfully, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-KS, is outspoken in his opposition to the funding of this museum, telling LifeSiteNews, “Women have no doubt been crucial to the history of this country. What I and many of my conservative colleagues are concerned about is celebrating racists and leftists like Margaret Sanger. Her racist, pro-eugenics and anti-Catholic platform should not be given tribute of any kind—not a single dime of money, nor any congressional seal of approval.”

Huelskamp said opposing an honor to Sanger goes “beyond politics,” and that “it is about honoring the dignity of life in this country—not promoters of abortion, supporters of Hitler eugenics, and other assaults on human rights.”

Huelskamp may be right, but that’s not stopping Planned Parenthood’s effort to carry on its founder’s mission.

Just recently its tentacles once again reached right into a Catholic university. LifeSiteNews reports,

Fresh off of criticism for hiring a former media consultant for Planned Parenthood, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is bringing the president of the Los Angeles chapter of Planned Parenthood to speak to its students.

In an open letter to LMU president David Burcham, the website Renew LMU noted that Los Angeles Planned Parenthood president Sue Dunlap will be speaking to students on May 17. The topic of her presentation is “Education’s New Role in Women’s Health.”

Really now, women’s health! How does that sound in view of this report on a brochure from Planned Parenthood’s international arm? International Planned Parenthood Federation has published Happy, Healthy and Hot, a publication that claims to deal in personal rights. In this brochure, we find IPPF advising those who have AIDS that there is no need to tell their sex partners about the disease! It states:

You have the right to decide if, when, and how to disclose your HIV status. . . . You know best if and when it is safe to disclose your [HIV] status. . . . There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!

In my opinion, this is about as evil as you can get, given the state of things in Planned Parenthood’s world these days.

But not all the recent news about Planned Parenthood is so horrific. In fact, after a long battle by former Attorney General Phill Kline, whose license was suspended last year because of his campaign to expose Planned Parenthood and its evil ways, the tide has finally turned. In a surprise move, the state of Kansas has defunded Planned Parenthood. In fact, Planned Parenthood dropped its lawsuit challenging the state’s decision. This is a major victory for truth and life.

Another victory has occurred in Arizona where the Pinal County police are investigating the local Planned Parenthood abortion mill for deliberately failing to report the rape of a 15-year-old girl.

While the local Planned Parenthood says, “We have zero tolerance for staff failing to meet our standards and policies,” my guess is Planned Parenthood has zero tolerance for morality. And that’s just the way it is.