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Can Hospice Become a Death Chamber?

In a time when life is not valued be it the preborn, the elderly, or the infirm we must strive to teach that all people are worthy of love, respect, honor, and care. Doctors may not always look out for the best interests of their patients, so when it comes to end-of-life care, we must protect ourselves and our loved ones by being educated and by asking questions.

‘It’s about the Babies, Stupid’

By Michael Hichborn
I have a CD of over 200 talks given by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. I think I have listened to the CD at least twice in its entirety, and perhaps even three times.

The Pill Kills Families

The destruction of the family is one of the greatest disasters of the last century. It has happened subtly, almost silently, and now we are left with the carnage. How will we alter the path that so many seem so willing to travel? Will we raise our voices in protest? If we want to make changes and save lives and souls, we must.

American Life League in Rome

By Michael Hichborn
During the first weekend of May, American Life League’s director of Defend the Faith, Michael Hichborn, participated in Italy’s March for Life and the Pro-Life Leader’s Conference.

A Response to Catholic Relief Services Regarding the World Social Forum

By Rob Gasper
On April 28, Catholic Relief Services launched a preemptive public response to American Life League’s concerns regarding findings that had, up to this point, remained unpublished. ALL had not yet published this research with the hope that private discussions could reach a satisfactory resolution and scandal could be avoided amongst the faithful.

Bringing America Back to Life

By Dennis Howard
“Can America be Saved?” was the provocative title of an intriguing panel held in conjunction with Cleveland Right to Life’s annual symposium called “Bringing America Back to Life.”