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Pro-Life This Week: December 2, 2022

In this week’s Wednesday STOPP Report, Rita Diller reports that to answer long wait times at Colorado Planned Parenthood locations, Kaiser Permanente (KP) will now begin to perform abortions. 

According to Colorado Public Radio, KP has decided it will “offer abortion services” in Colorado as part of its everyday healthcare to allay longer waiting times for abortions at Planned Parenthood. “This is the choice that the woman makes and we are there for them and support them and we take care of them,” according to an unidentified Denver area KP employee. 

Since when do we take care of mothers by killing their babies in our medical facilities? Women in crisis situations need real help—the kind pregnancy help centers provide—not abortion.

In the same article, a statement from KP reads, “Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing comprehensive reproductive health care that respects and supports all of our members’ rights to make, and act on, fully informed decisions about their fertility, family, and future.”

Seems they “respect” everyone . . . except the baby.

Rita Diller explains it is a particularly chilling decision, especially when you realize that Kaiser Permanente is the “largest nonprofit health plan and integrated health care organization in the state, serving 509,773 members through 41 medical offices and a network of affiliated hospitals.”

As ALL’s Judie Brown writes this week in her excellent commentary, Abortion and the Dead Conscience, “The fact that an actual baby dies during an abortion barely registers on the awareness screen these days. . . . Without a properly formed conscience, the destabilizing result that leads to killing the innocent by calling it ‘choice’ persists. The blood of the innocent is the toll exacted by noisy purveyors of evil. Thus it is that the conscience is deadened, and the bodies pile up.”

Planned Parenthood’s activism arm is setting its sights on establishing “Plan B Vending Machines” across college campuses, with the most recent attempt at Cornell University.

However, this trend has been ongoing for years, with an uptick following the demise of Roe.

The Boston Globe covered this story a few months ago, expressing Planned Parenthood’s desire to get contraception even more readily available on campuses.

Dr. Jennifer Childs-Roshak, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, said on-campus access would eliminate the need to go to a pharmacy to purchase such products.

“There are still challenges to get to a pharmacy. That’s why I think the vending machines are so brilliant,” Childs-Roshak said. “You just walk down the hall in your dorm.”

As we know, contraceptives can still cause an abortion, and even damage a woman’s health long term. It is clear, yet again, that Planned Parenthood works for their bottom line only and has no real interest in helping women—and certainly not the babies. 

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