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Pro-Life This Week – November 16, 2018

Week in Review – Planned Parenthood’s new president

Major news this week revolved around the fact that Dr. Leana Wen was officially installed as the new president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. This, of course, had been planned for months, as Planned Parenthood announced Dr. Wen’s coming back in early September. STOPP did an extensive profile of Dr. Wen in our September 26, 2018, Wednesday STOPP Report; you can read about her there. You will recall that PPFA’s last president, Cecile Richards, resigned from the organization in May of this year. At the time, we discussed the fact that one of her reasons for retirement was so she could focus on the 2018 mid-term elections. Richards was always more of a politician than a healthcare leader. She had spent her 12 years as head of PP getting the organization more and more involved in politics. It seemed to us that Planned Parenthood was tired of all the politics and that it wanted to lose the image of a political party and that’s why Cecile left. Two subsequent events have solidified our thinking on this. First was the selection of Dr. Wen, an emergency room physician, as the new president. The second event occurred this week as the chief PPFA spokesperson, Dawn Laguens, abruptly resigned as soon as Dr. Wen took office. Laguens was brought into Planned Parenthood by Cecile Richards and spent most of her time on political issues. Now, both Cecile and Dawn are gone. Planned Parenthood is trumpeting the fact that Dr. Wen is the first physician in 50 years to lead the organization. The implication is that things will change at PPFA. Although we do expect to see a diminishing of the outright political activity of the organization, we don’t see Wen deviating much from the three basic philosophies of PP founder, Margaret Sanger. Those philosophies were (1) uninhibited sexual activity; (2) reduction of births through the use of contraception and abortion; and (3) eugenics—the targeting of minority groups for elimination through abortifacient birth control as well as the establishment of medical and surgical abortion centers in Black and Latino neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood is also well known for pushing the LGBT lifestyle, as was demonstrated this week by a video produced by Planned Parenthood and shown, without parents’ permission, to high school students in Sarasota, Florida. The PP film is entitled “How do you know if someone wants to have sex with you?” It was shown to students in Pine View High School by the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC). SPARCC has been providing sex education programs to the school for many years. The video tells teens that “body language can tell you a lot” and then bombards them with videos of same-sex couples engaging in passionate kissing. Sarasota parents are very upset, especially when the video told their young teens, “If you’re going to get naked with someone, you have to have trust and honesty.” Bottom line: Planned Parenthood now has a new president. She is a medical professional instead of a politician. But don’t expect that difference to change anything about the real nature of Planned Parenthood. The organization will still run the largest abortion chain in the nation, will still be the largest provider of immoral sex education in the nation, and will still focus on eliminating minority populations. When she began the organization 100 years ago, Margaret Sanger invited on her board of directors a man named Lothrop Stoddard. Stoddard was well known for a book he had written entitled The Rising Tide of Color: Against White World Supremacy. The basic philosophies of the organization have not changed in 100 years and will not as we go into the future.

ALL in the News – Pro-life administration at year’s end

Judie Brown’s commentary this week, Trump: The Facts and the Bitter Pill, is all about the new pro-life regulations issued by President Trump and the hysteria they caused among the pro-abortion crowd.

Jim Sedlak was quoted in a One News Now story, It’s bye-bye to pro-abortion judges, Planned Parenthood, about Planned Parenthood’s coming problems as the US Senate is set to confirm more conservative judges across the country.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. It can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM) and Mondays (10 PM).

Video of the Week – Nothing Down

How does a doctor tell expectant parents their child has Down syndrome? Too often, the doctor treats the diagnosis as a negative. This documentary addresses the need for medical professionals to deliver the news with compassion and professionalism, not an option for death.

Action Item of the Week – Put Giving on Your Calendar

Next week, on November 22, the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a day when we give thanks to the Lord for all He has done, and continues to do, for all of us. After the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, many of you will participate in the annual season of giving. That “giving” takes many forms. We buy presents to give to family members during the holidays of December. We give to food and clothing drives for those in our communities who may be homeless or otherwise in need of sustenance and warmth as they approach the winter season. It is also a time when many consider year-end gifts to charities and other organizations that devote their energies to solving problems and saving lives. Here at American Life League, we devote our energies to saving the lives of preborn babies as well as those that are being victimized at the end of their lives. We fight for the innocence of our children—especially our teens. We struggle against politicians who seem to think that killing babies through abortion is just another “issue” they can treat as a piece of political fodder. At this time of year, we ask you to help us wrap up our 2018 efforts by providing the necessary resources for us to settle all our bills for this year and get ready to hit the ground running in 2019 —when we will face a hostile House of Representatives as well as increased attacks on the sanctity of life by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Please keep in mind the following giving opportunities:

  1. Monday, November 26, will be “cyber-Monday,” a day where the emphasis will be on on-line shopping. For those of you who may choose to place your orders through, please know that Amazon will donate to American Life League a small percentage of your purchase price. When you go to Amazon, just go to the page, choose American Life League as your charity and then shop as you normally would. ALL will receive a donation for everything you buy, and it will cost you nothing.
  2. Tuesday, November 27, is Giving Tuesday. You can go to, click on DONATION in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, and send us an on-line gift.
  3. By mail: Send your check or credit card information, indicating donation amount and phone number (in case of questions), to:

American Life League P.O. Box 1350 Stafford, VA 22555 Thank you for your support of our life-saving efforts.

Pro-life Social Media – Little “gobblers” are about to celebrate their first Thanksgiving

These twelve “little turkeys” are going to be a hit at their Thanksgiving celebrations next week.

Wait! Didn’t we just have Halloween? Now, Thanksgiving is almost here. Wow, that was fast! All those little “pumpkin babies” are about to become little “turkey babies.” Let’s see what Instagram has to offer.

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Our little turkey is ready for his first Thanksgiving. 😊 #littleturkey #gobblegobble #somanyleaves

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In a week our Turkey blessing will be ONE !🦃🖤 I’m so greatful to God for allowing me to carry and birth this child . My whole labor experience was amazing . I’m thankful to my amazing husband , for being a great loving father . And An amazing provider . Because of him I’m able to go above and beyond for niklaus . I’m greatful to have you as a husband and the father of our child . To not have to doubt your love for either of us is the greatest feeling . I love being your wife ! . We are a blessed family . Thank you to my amazing father in law for allowing me to work for him and have my baby love with me everyday . That has been one of the greatest blessings . To know this child is to love him . He has such a beautiful spirit . And I’m not just saying it because I’m his mommy . I’m told by everyone he meets . And it’s a great feeling . To have a loving happy baby.Thank you to everyone who has been a part of his life this year . And to those who love him and care for him . Thank you to my mother who has been there with me through so much as well as my grandfather . From doctors apts to just little adventures ! . #niklausjasper #turkeybaby #112317 #happyearlythankgiving #givethanks #blessedlife

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I have a feeling this pic will be used for blackmail in a couple of years! #givingthanks #myturkey #turkeybaby #sides

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