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Pro-life this Week: August 12, 2022

The following is a portion from this week’s Wednesday STOPP Report

American Life League mourns the passing of Bishop Emeritus John W. Yanta, who passed away on Saturday, August 6, in his San Antonio home after a long battle with numerous ailments. He was 90. 

Rita Diller, STOPP interim director, writes, “Bishop Yanta was a true friend and often consulted with STOPP. I was privileged to work alongside him for his 12 years as bishop of the diocese. Together we implemented prayer vigils at the Planned Parenthood facilities within the diocese, and over a 13-year period we saw all of them shut down.”

Diller continued, “As editor of the diocesan newspaper, The West Texas Catholic, I interviewed Bishop Yanta as he left the diocese following his retirement in 2008. Speaking of his years of involvement in the pro-life movement, he said: 

I had a Johnny-come-lately start with the pro-life movement during the early nineties, while I was a parish priest in San Antonio. That led to my arrest at New Women’s Center on the 20th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22, 1993. That was a turning point for me and many collaborators.

When I arrived in Amarillo, I could not believe there were 19 Planned Parenthood centers in the geographical boundaries of our diocese. I was already convinced that the greatest power on earth is prayer, and I knew this must be given over to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Rosary would be the solution.

So, we had groups of people begin praying the Rosary on the sidewalk outside these facilities. And it happened so quickly that these facilities shut down with only one remaining open today—you have to attribute that to the Holy Spirit’s power.

That one remaining Planned Parenthood facility had changed its name and severed ties with Planned Parenthood Federation of America within the year following Bishop Yanta’s retirement. 

American Life League’s nationwide program to pray the Rosary at Planned Parenthood facilities was modeled after the Amarillo Diocese outreach. ALL’s program is known as Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary. It will officially merge with our Marian Blue Wave program and is set to be relaunched in October of this year as we reconsecrate our work to our Blessed Mother.

Last week, Insider published a story about a 26-year-old woman who suffered a stroke. Her doctors later determined the stroke was due to hormonal birth control.

Jenna Goldman had previously suffered from ocular migraines, but otherwise described herself as “so healthy” and “so young.” However, Goldman tells Insider that what she thought was just another migraine turned out to be a stroke that left her unable to walk across the room. 

The one answer doctors settled on was birth control pills. The pills, when containing estrogen, raise the risk of clotting, and clots can lead to strokes. People who have regular ocular migraines, or migraines with aura, are also at an increased risk of stroke—and shouldn’t be on hormonal contraceptives.

Goldman says she was never made aware of these dangerous risks—until it was too late. Now, two years later, Insider reports Goldman still has trouble concentrating, gets tired and hot easily, and the left side of her body feels numb. She can move her muscles on the left side but cannot feel touch or temperature. 

Unfortunately, cases like this happen often, and mostly without mention. In fact, when the pill was created, it was approved as a contraceptive with no warning about the dangerous side effects, even though women died during the trial phase. 

As ALL’s Susan Ciancio aptly puts it in an op-ed, “We know the detrimental effects of birth control on a woman’s body. Because we love both moms and babies, we want women to know the truth about what the pill can do to their health, especially since the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the pill as a Group 1 carcinogen.”We must educate women on the dangers of the pill. There are holistic and natural alternatives, such as respecting a woman’s natural rhythms and practicing chastity.  

ALL in the News – Two-Part Series Featured on LSN; Hugh Brown Talks PP on Tipping Point

Celebrate Life editor, Susan Ciancio, is writing a special two-part series op-ed debunking popular myths about the pro-life movement. It is being published exclusively by LifeSiteNewsPart one is out now!

The annual STOPP Planned Parenthood Facilities Report, which reports on the latest data available surrounding the abortion giant, is now available. The report studies a disturbing trend showing Planned Parenthood is moving from surgical abortions to DIY-at-home abortion pills. Read the full report here.

To comment on the findings of the report, Hugh Brown was a guest on Tipping Point With Kara McKinney. Hugh discussed the new statistics while also commenting on Planned Parenthood’s plans to push abortion pills. 

Hugh was also a guest on Relevant Radio’s Trending with Timmerie. Hugh was part of Timmerie’s segment on marriage and men in today’s culture. 

Twice a week, Judie’s commentaries are distributed to an expansive media list. The list contains over 100 media outlets, such as Fox News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller, among others. Judie’s commentaries are each featured on the front page of Each commentary is also featured as a part of Judie’s recurring column on Renew America

Planned Parenthood has a nefarious agenda to push abortion pills on demand. American Life League’s vice president, Hugh Brown, spoke with One America News host Kara McKinney to discuss a post-Roe Planned Parenthood.

ALL’s Marian Blue Wave needs you to spread the word about this powerful program!

The Marian Blue Wave is a call to Catholics across America to pray a weekly Rosary with the specific intentions of ending all surgical, pill, contraceptive and IVF abortion and shutting down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States.

To join, you can sign up online here.

To become a MBW ambassador in your own community, download this free flyer. Print, email, and share the flyer with anyone who would like to learn about the Marian Blue Wave. It provides basic information about the program in an easy-to-read, easy- to-share format.

MSNBC host, Al Sharpton, dropped some new biblical revelation—Sacred Scripture is about “choice.” That is, killing your preborn child is biblical because a mother is using her gift of free will. Such conjecture is why Christianity suffers from 33,000 denominations.  


At an elementary level, it could be argued that Sacred Scripture is about choice, but it is ONE choice—choosing to follow His Only Begotten Son. To intentionally commit acts of evil, such as preborn-child murder, is to willingly turn away from Him.

Could we have been interpreting Exodus incorrectly all this time? Perhaps God gave Moses the Ten Suggestions.

Abolish all laws against crimes like murder, trafficking, and abuse because it violates individual free will. Imagine a society functioning that way. 

LifeNews picked up the story as well.