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Pro-Life This Week – August 10, 2018

Week in Review – Spoiling Planned Parenthood’s plans now and in November

In a commentary on The Daily Signal, Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) details how the proposed new Title X rule will hold Planned Parenthood accountable on reporting abuse. Grothman points out “a key part of the proposed rule: a new regulation ensuring protection for women and children who have experienced sexual abuse or molestation, incest, rape, intimate-partner violence, and human trafficking. The proposed rule would require Title X grant recipients to comply with state and local reporting laws, require annual training for staff at Title X clinics, ensure that they have a site-specific protocol in place to protect victims, and provide counseling to minors on how to resist attempts to coerce them into sexual activity.”

The Hill reports that Planned Parenthood Action Fund is launching a six-figure ad campaign as part of a broader effort by progressive groups to highlight personal stories of individuals who could be impacted if President Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is confirmed to the Supreme Court. The buy, announced on Wednesday, includes TV ads in Maine and Alaska, the home states of two potential GOP swing votesSens. Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK). It also includes a nationwide digital ad. Democrats are hoping that if they can rally the public in opposition to Kavanaugh, that will sway at least one GOP senator to vote no, as well as keep their own caucus in line.

As I speak around the country, many people ask if Cecile Richards is going to run for public office. In an interview this week, published on Bustle, Richards stated her current position: “”In a funny way, because my mom was governor of Texas and because I’ve always been active in issues of civil rights and women’s rights, one of the unspoken things was, ‘Well, I should run for office.’ Folks want to put you in a box. They want to pigeonhole you. Now that I’ve left Planned Parenthood, that’s the question most people ask me, as if running for office would be the highest calling. For a lot of people it is, and that’s great. But one of the things I’ve rebelled against was ever doing that.”

Richards continued, “Just as we need more folks who believe in women and support women in office, we also need people on the outside organizing and agitating and making trouble to make sure that the people who are in office can do the right thing. Sometimes, we can force them to do the right thing. I’ve had to defend myself and say, ‘Actually, I think the work I do, which is to help people in office be better, do better, stand up for things that matter, is as important as being in office itself.’ I am completely focused now on getting more women to vote, on supporting women who are running for office. If we begin to change the electorate, if we begin to change who’s representing us, if the government looked more like the people it represented, then that’s a very worthwhile job to do.”

Of course, pro-lifers across the country are dedicated to helping Richards fail. The 2016 elections were devastating to Richards. She is hoping to have success in 2018. We all need to pull together, support and work for true pro-life candidates and hand Cecile Richards her second straight defeat at the polls.

ALL in the News – American Life League continues to speak out on important topics.

Judie Brown’s two commentaries this week document why US Senate Bill S. 693 must be rejected by the Senate to protect the lives of people in end-of life situations. Start with Palliative Care: Pain Relief or Imposed Death? and then read the second part at the beginning of this PLTW.

Jim Sedlak’s outrage on HHS giving more grants to Planned Parenthood was covered by One News Now and the Black Christian News Network One.

ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program’s How to Start This School Year Embracing the Culture of Life is a must read as parents prepare to send their children back to school or to resume homeschooling.

ALL’s STOPP International published an authoritative article,The new Planned Parenthood coalition, that examines what is behind Planned Parenthood’s new Unstoppable effort.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Deathis a weekly talk radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. It can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM) and Mondays (10 PM).

Pro-life Social Media – See how the perverted minds at Planned Parenthood celebrate International Cat Day

Planned Parenthood uses social media to reach young people with its sinister messages. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all places where young people like to browse and where Planned Parenthood is always lurking.

Planned Parenthood likes to portray itself as a health care organization. It frequently claims to be giving young people just scientifically accurate, age-appropriate information. One of its deceitful methods of operation is to present some innocuous health information and then sneak in a blatant advancement of its goal of getting kids involved in sexual activity.

A tweet this week from Planned Parenthood is an example of this kind of attack by Planned Parenthood.

Video of the Week – Millennials and abortion

The 2018 elections are raging. Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party are intent on making this election about abortion. In a lot of primary campaigns, and in the rhetoric surrounding the entire election, “pro-choice,” which actually means pro-abortion, is the cry from those who lost the 2016 election on the same topic.

With this background, we thought it was a good idea to reach back to 2016 and call your attention to a video entitled Pro-life millennials speak out. It will give you a look at seven young women from different parts of the political spectrum who have all embraced pro-life and how they expressed their position within their differing lifestyles.

Action Item of the Week – Help get these 72 abortion victims buried

The following information was shared with us by Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue. You can read her full article here.

The University of New Mexico has announced that it is suspending its human fetal tissue experimentation program after it determined that researcher Robin Ohls violated UNM Health Sciences Center policy regarding aborted baby remains it obtained from Southwestern Women’s Options.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that there were 72 remains of aborted babies left from Ohls’ experimentation. According to a memo issued by Dr. Paul Roth, UNM Health Science Center Chancellor, those remains have been moved to a central repository for storage until a decision can be made about whether or not they should be destroyed.

Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico, who filed the original criminal complaint against UNM and Southwestern Women’s Options at the state level, sent a letter yesterday to Chancellor Roth requesting that the remains be turned over to her organization for proper burial.

“I have made arrangements with a local mortuary to receive these human remains so that they may be buried with dignity and respect. I have access to an appropriate burial plot and I am also working with various church leaders in the Albuquerque area to prepare for a suitable funeral. This will all be at no cost to UNM,” Shaver wrote.

“We stand with Abortion Free New Mexico in calling on UNM to do the right thing and release the 72 aborted baby remains for a dignified burial,” said Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman. “These babies were human beings, and treating them as merely waste tissue is an unacceptable devaluation of their brief lives. They deserve so much more.”

We are asking all readers of Pro-Life This Week to also take a stand for the dignified burial of these 72 children.

PLEASE contact Dr. Paul Roth and respectfully request that he release the aborted baby remains to Abortion Free New Mexico for a dignified interment at a local cemetery.

Dr. Paul Roth, UNM Health Science Center Chancellor
Phone: (505) 272-5849