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PP and Religion

Religion is incredibly inconvenient to Planned Parenthood—all those rules and ethics and moral truths. But apparently, that’s all irrelevant to women because they “need” “reproductive” “healthcare.” So, if you’re a Christian woman who practices her faith with devotion, you should know that there are other women who throw sensibility aside and embrace moral relativism. Planned Parenthood will help you do that.

Planned Parenthood recently released a series of social media images for women whose faith tradition would be better served in quotation marks, along with all the “care” it provides.


It looks like Planned Parenthood couldn’t come up with one to fill the empty space in the lower right. Since Planned Parenthood has the support of self-described devil-worshipers, here’s a suggestion (See Planned Parenthood protest disrupted by satanists):


It should be no surprise that the “I’m Catholic” post grabbed the most attention at over 1500 comments. (Only three others crossed 100 comments.) The reason is simple: The Catholic Church is the only Christian group that recognizes all forms of contraception as contrary to the laws of God. Faithful Catholics know this and were quick to pound Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page.

​It’s fun to be Catholic.