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Make Plans Now to Be Visible This Month!

Forty-five years ago this month, the Supreme Court of the United States shocked the country by announcing two infamous decisions. The combination of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton put a literal target on the lives of every child in the womb in the United States. The toll has been horrific. More than 60 million human beings have lost their lives to surgical and medical abortions, while millions and millions more have lost their lives to abortifacient “contraceptives” and other drugs.

Every year during January there are commemorative marches, prayer gatherings, and other activities marking the beginning of what some call the “American Holocaust.”

The two largest marches are:

1.      The March for Life in Washington, DC, which will take place this year on January 19 (

2.      The Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco, CA, which will be on January 27 (

However, marches and commemorations occur in just about every state.

Plan now to attend one of the national marches or the one closest to your home. If we are going to end the modern day slaughter of the innocents, we must be prepared to stand up and speak out.


See you in the streets.