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Unlikely Neighbors

Thanks to an anonymous—and very generous—donor, the residence at 1925 Columbus Avenue in Waco, Texas, recently fell into the hands of a group of pro-life and pro-family advocates. What’s so special about this residence? It’s located right next door to Planned Parenthood Waco’s abortion mill!

In a June 2 news conference—a day when surgical abortions are performed at Planned Parenthood—representatives from Pro-Life Waco, Elijah Ministries and several area churches publicly announced the opening of Hope House. What a day it was! The local newspaper and all four local television news divisions were present at the conference and all provided powerfully positive stories. The residence was festively decorated with pro-life messages, and approximately 70 pro-lifers, including children, were in attendance.

While Felicia Goodman, CEO of Planned Parenthood Waco, repeated standard PP talking points, three pro-life women gave powerful testimonies of their life experiences with abortion. The news conference ended with a personal testimony about an abortion committed by Planned Parenthood during the first days this heartless business was open in 1994. Onlookers were visibly moved by the reality of what happened just steps from where they were standing.

John Pisciotta, director of Pro-Life Waco, said acquisition of the property had been a goal of the local pro-lifers for some time but recently materialized when the family who lived in it moved. The owners originally wanted to sell but, when a sale became unlikely, they agreed to rent to the pro-life group.

The property will be used as a staging area for the pro-lifers who hold weekly protests attended by as many as 70 people, and will provide a place for parking, restrooms, and shelter from the weather, in addition to serving as a makeshift billboard. A number of pro-life signs are already posted on the front porch and fence! Pink and blue flags line the sidewalk.

John and his colleagues ask you to join them in praying that many babies will be saved and many women can sidestep a life of regret as a result of Hope House.

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