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“There’s Nothing Safe” About September 28 International Safe Abortion Day

American Life League Leaders Call Out WHO and Others Promoting Deadly Practice 

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(September 28, 2023, 2023 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) On September 28, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other entities promote what they label as an awareness day, International Safe Abortion Day, which American Life League calls a “demonic irony.”  

Judie Brown, founder of the 44-year-old pro-life American Life League, called the notice of International Safe Abortion Day “one of the worst oxymoronic statements ever written.” She observed that, “Every abortion is deadly for the preborn child and far too many abortions scar expectant mothers – due to the psychological, spiritual and physical damage they create. There is nothing safe about killing.” 

Hugh Brown, vice president of American Life League, calls out the WHO and other promoters of the so-called “safe” abortion campaign for their masquerade, urging a focus on the results of abortion: 

“International Safe Abortion Day, sponsored by the utterly corrupt and immoral ‘World Health Organization,’ is a demonic irony. Every abortion results in a dead baby. Every abortion results in a scarred and traumatized mother. Every abortion results in a sin against humanity and God. The deceivers on this planet, masquerading behind fancy titles like the WHO and others, deserve to be rebuked, defunded, and shut down. The enemy is killing babies in plain sight, see them for what they are.” 

About American Life League 

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