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Pro-Life v. Pro Profit: Duel in Dallas

                  Pro-Life Against Pro-Profit?

Nation’s Largest Pro-Life and Abortion Groups Duel in Dallas

(Dallas, TX) — America’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, and the nation’s largest pro-life Catholic group, American Life League, will go mano-a-mano this weekend in Dallas, Texas.  ALL will live-stream a national The Pill Kills Marriage seminar and has scheduled a peaceful protest at a local Planned Parenthood clinic.  Getting wind of the protest, Planned Parenthood of North Texas reacted by launching a fundraiser based on “pledging a protester” and alleging that “anti-choice” protestors traditionally “accost our clients, staff, and neighbors.”

 “I’ve watched Planned Parenthood’s tactics for twenty-five years,” said Jim Sedlak, vice-president at ALL and founder of STOPP International.  “We want to save lives, they want to raise money.  To them, it’s always been about money.  It always will be—regardless of the real effects of the product they sell.”

“I’ve done and witnessed sidewalk counseling for years without one incident of disrespect shown toward a mother considering an abortion,” added Rita Diller, National Director for STOPP.  “Since Planned Parenthood can’t handle the truth, they like to throw dirt on it.”

STOPP International is partnered with STOPP of Dallas and the Catholic Pro-life Committee of North Texas to host this year’s annual The Pill Kills seminar and protest.  Fr. Daniel McCaffrey, nationally acclaimed expert on the harmful effects of and alternatives to artificial birth control, will keynote the seminar. 

Details of the seminar are available at


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