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Popular Demand Brings Encore For Pro-Life Photo Contest

ALL announces weekend event with an interactive twist for August 5-7

(Washington, DC) — After American Life League’s National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week set all-time records in April, enthusiastic contestants have prompted ALL to break tradition and launch a second competition this summer.  The shorter T-shirt Weekend event comes with a twist: It features a custom-written interactive online portion.

“This year’s participants kept asking us to have another competition this summer so I finally gave in,” said Tom Mon, vice president at ALL, who says he has a lot of fun spearheading the project. “As an avid game programmer, I thought young pro-lifers would enjoy adding an interactive experience that allows them to strategize how they want to play for the iPad 2 first prize.”

In  April’s week-long photo contest, participants accumulated points by simply submitting photos of themselves completing as many tasks as possible from a long, detailed list. For the new National Pro-Life T-Shirt Weekend version, Mon has written a custom interactive program that allows each participant to uncover random hints, choose levels of difficulty, and strategize on how to achieve the highest scores prior to setting out to complete tasks.

There are far fewer tasks than in April but now details of the tasks are revealed only after players complete and submit their strategies.  Potential contestants can practice, register, and find all the rules at

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