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New Hampshire could zero out Planned Parenthood

"New Hampshire stands poised to join six other states that deliver zero tax dollars to America's leading abortion chain, Planned Parenthood," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "Senate Bill 77 would conform to the wishes to the people of New Hampshire by denying Planned Parenthood all state funding. In addition to the six states that do not fund Planned Parenthood, at least three more states have begun taking money away from the abortion giant."

Sedlak will testify on SB77 in Concord on Tuesday, January 30 at 10:15 AM in Room 103 of the State House. He will bring lawmakers the message that Planned Parenthood is losing support all across the country ? closing down clinics and struggling to maintain taxpayer funding.

"There are many reasons people are upset with Planned Parenthood," said Sedlak, "including the fact that it routinely places itself between parents and their children and that it operates the nation's largest abortion chain. When people get past the organization's public relations facade, they discover that Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars in profit by leading our children into sexual lifestyles. Once they know the truth, they do not want any of their tax money going to the organization."

American Life League is circulating an online petition seeking an end to Planned Parenthood tax funding that has been signed by thousands of people nationwide. Citizens across the state of New Hampshire are also signing the petition in growing numbers and Sedlak will be representing these citizens at the public hearing.

"In recent years, Planned Parenthood has been losing state funding, and many states have stopped funding the organization altogether," said Sedlak. "It is a growing trend and we pray that New Hampshire will join with these enlightened states to cut Planned Parenthood's access to our children, our poor, and our money."

Release issued: 29 Jan 07