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Musical heavyweights duped in the name of Darfur

"The human suffering going on right now in Darfur is horrific," said Erik Whittington, American Life League's youth outreach director. "To add insult to injury, however, using this tragic abuse of human rights to raise money for a pro-abortion organization is hypocritical and beyond belief."

“Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur,” a double-disc CD whose proceeds will support Amnesty International, hit record stores on June 12. Featuring covers of John Lennon tunes, the CD is loaded with music heavyweights including U2, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Green Day and many more. As part of the fundraiser, Yoko Ono donated the rights and publishing royalties from Lennon’s songs to Amnesty International as well.

Abortion, which is the taking of an innocent human life, is the single most ignored human rights abuse this world has ever seen,” said Whittington. "For so-called human rights groups to mobilize thousands of people in opposition to human rights abuses, while advocating abortion, is downright hypocritical. The manipulation of musicians to fund this hypocrisy is maddening.”

Amnesty International seriously jeopardized its support base and even earned condemnation from the Vatican when it introduced its new policy on abortion, which notes a number of cases in which “women must have access to safe and legal abortion services.”

“We will be educating not only the youth of America on Amnesty International’s pro-abortion policies,” said Whittington, “but the artists as well. We intend to send information on Amnesty International and its support for abortion to all of the artists participating in this project. Hopefully, they will stop supporting Amnesty International and its advocacy of the greatest human rights abuse of all time ? abortion.”

Release issued: 19 Jun 07