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Ms. Magazine campaign highlights pro-abortion cruelty

“In a continued attempt to normalize the evil act of abortion, some women in the pro-abortion movement have taken absurdity to a new level with a campaign bragging about their past abortions,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “These women are celebrating an act of violence that has proven traumatic for millions of mothers and deadly for their innocent preborn children.”

A new campaign spearheaded by Ms. Magazine encourages women who have had abortions to sign a petition in order to “change the public debate” about the gruesome procedure. The “We Had Abortions” petition campaign takes specific aim at the new South Dakota law that prohibits surgical and medical abortions in that state.

“The South Dakota abortion law in particular speaks volumes about the fact that abortion takes the life of an innocent preborn baby and is always wrong,” said Brown, “and similar legislation is being crafted in other states. It is obvious by the rhetoric of the petition that abortion supporters feel threatened by such legislation that will save the lives of an untold number of children.”

According to Brown, abortion proponents have stooped to a new low by asking women to take public credit for killing their own children. “Ms. Magazine’s reference to abortion as ‘a very common, necessary and important procedure’ is a lie. While abortion is scandalously common, it is never necessary. The pro-abortion crowd denies the existence of post-abortion trauma, but we know of far too many women who’ve experienced long years of pain and regret after aborting their children,” said Brown. “If these people really cared about women, they would offer these mothers an opportunity to mourn the deaths of their children instead of encouraging them to praise the wholesale destruction of these innocent human beings.”

Release issued: 31 Jul 06